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humakt 09-02-13 12:31 PM

Army Painting Challenge - September 2013
OK this is a new Septembers thread.

To celebrate the release of Space Marines, which start witht he same letter as this month I am making this a double entry month.

If you enter 2 units you can redeem one of your alread used month passes. Note you cant get an extra pass if you have not used any yet.

Best of luck.

Relise 09-02-13 02:56 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Soul Grinder for me. Freshly under coated this morning
Attachment 959939954

emissaryofdark 09-02-13 03:36 PM

back to the dark elves
8 Attachment(s)
after painting all that tau last month i thought i will take it easy this month.

im going for 2 characters and 2 units of mounted troops.
cold one riders and dark riders with conversions for the command groups
character on each one of the mounts.
im not painting the standard bearer unless i get the time.

at the last minute they are done!!!!!

Septok 09-02-13 03:41 PM

Some High Elf Archers this time around. Let's not almost fail again like last month, shall we?


Mossy Toes 09-02-13 04:07 PM

My entry this month: a Vindicator.

Second entry (operating in the assumption that the very first month, the squad I posted to the next month only an hour after the first thread was locked ended up not counting, so I'm hoping to earn that back): my homemade Daemon Prince:


infernalcaretaker 09-03-13 10:02 AM

Hopefully I will be able to get both my units of Thallaxii done this month...

Although having not yet used a RLC... do I need to?

OF COURSE! As I have a tournament on the 5th of October...!

Here are a few pictures of the first one I have built (packing a Cyclone)- these will be used as Cybernetica 'counts-as' for additional terminator squads - seeing as I already have one, and the Iron Hands aren't supposed to have any... but are known for using Cybernetics and AI units... :)




Humakt - as I am currently using the Dark Angels Codex, but want to add some Ally units from the new SM Codex - does that count as my 2nd army? :(

Iraqiel 09-03-13 03:28 PM

6 Attachment(s)
First unit this month will be a squad of terminators. Second unit tbc later on, depending on what I have for free time.


imm0rtal reaper 09-03-13 03:46 PM

I'll *try* to get a unit of 10 paladins, and a unit of 5 paladin cavalry (or maybe a hero) done!


And then the hero and cavalry (don't know which, if either, I'll get done yet.)

Khorne's Fist 09-03-13 06:39 PM

Gonna take a second shot at these guys, and redeem last month's RL card with a Cadre Fireblade, which I will get a pic of later.


EDIT: Finally got around to getting a pic of the fireblade posted.


iamtheeviltwin 09-03-13 07:09 PM

Question Humakt: I believe I stated marines was going to be my first army and my Harlequins as my second. However, I have never actually painted a marine yet for this and only done the Harlies. So my Question, can I change my "first" army to Harlies and change my "second" army to my WFB Empire?

*edit* - Well at this point better to ask forgiveness than permission. :biggrin:

Here is my first unit for the month, a unit of Empire Archers using the old Battle Master figures. Models are ugly as sin and I didn't clean up my mold lines like I should, but they are table-top ready:



**Edit 2**
Here is my second unit for the month. A unit of Empire Crossbowmen to go with the Archers.



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