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jeep3rs 08-26-13 04:46 AM

Wings in the Way
I have a feeling I know how it works, but to be sure, is it okay to remove models from their flying bases to allow them to get into contact with the enemy, so long as everything works out with the bases?

The example I am thinking of is if my Griffon Mounted High Elf Prince, Frostfire Phoenix, and Flamespyre Phoenix were to all charge the same unit. The wings of the models would interfere with this, but the models can easily be pulled off to leave just the bases on the table.

So is this allowed?

And more importantly, would people likely find this sort of thing cheesy and/or unfair?

Thanks! :)

Dave T Hobbit 08-26-13 12:09 PM

BRB, p20 "Unexpected Problems" indicates that if - despite having enough movement distance to complete a charge - a unit will not fit due to the presence of other units, it is best to treat it as a failed charge. So, on a strict interpretation, you move the chargers one at a time in any order with any that cannot fit due to previous units failing.

However, all BRB rules are subject to the overarching rule that you should have fun rather than just obey the rules, the the sidebar say best thing to do not what you must do, so I suggest discussing it with your opponent before the game to reach an agreement.

Magpie_Oz 08-26-13 12:38 PM

My take is that the Unexpected Problems only apply to the base of the charger being obstructed by the base of another unit, or tree or whatever.

All of the charge rules talk about base to base contact and there isn't any clear indication that I can see of what to do about parts of the model obstructing things.

Given the nature of flyers to be at differing altitudes and that it is generally only those on flying bases that actually overhang the base I'd say that taking them off the base to fit in is the way to go.

OgreChubbs 08-26-13 01:54 PM

Turn them sideways so wings are aimed in :biggrin:

Creon 08-26-13 07:02 PM

My gaming group has always turned the wings/model so that the bases line up properly. The base is the model's "footprint" the actual figure is decoration. Technically, you could play Warhammer with just bases of the right size.

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