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Zion 08-14-13 12:35 AM

Codex: Tyranids Rumors
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Predictions Section
Tyranid Rumored Release
Predicted Release: November 2013

Codex Information

General Information

New Rules
  • Altered FOC to help counter the lack of Allies. 3 HQ, 4 Elite, 6 Troop, 4 Fast, 4Heavy.
  • Purchasing the 3rd HQ choice unlocks the extra Elite, Fast, and Heavy slots.
  • Two new Tyranid psychic powers lists. One list is destructive powers, one is augmentive powers.
  • Tervigon – Upgrade options for Termagant spawns to give them full options, but they are quite pricy.
  • Hiveguard: new weapon upgrade option (available to a handful of units) that grants skyfire with an "enhanced ability" to ground FMCs.
  • Lictors – small point increase, gain new “Surprise!” rule (all shots against Lictors the turn after they appear are snap shots). DeathLeaper now an upgrade character.
  • Pyrovore gains Torrent and a steep points reduction.
  • Ymgarl Genestealers - Special arrival rule is shared with the Lictor, may now purchase standard Genestealer biomorph upgrades.
  • Termagants – Gain Fleet. New 10 unit box. Includes options for Spike rifles and Strangleweb. Curled tails. No rippers on sprues.
Dedicated Transport

Fast Attack
  • Harpy – big overhaul. New model/dual-combo kit, Flying Monstrous, Sonic Screech combines with Vector striking. Additional Spore Mine Cysts may be purchased as upgrades. Default Stranglethorn has new upgrade options.
  • New Flyer - Fast Attack choice, the alternative build for the Harpy kit.
Heavy Support
  • Carnifex - significant cost reduction
Special Characters

New Units
  • "BIG BUG" – Larger than Tervigon sized HQ unit. Oval base, hunched over, but wider. Has 18” synapse. Psyker 4. Prime version: Grants FNP and Counter Attack to Nids in 12.” Stats like Tervigon, except 2A. SitW
Model Releases
  • Harpy - "Roughly the size of the Heldrake. Pretty much looks liek the picture in the current codex."
  • Tyranid Prime (Finecast)
  • Doom of Malantai (clamshell package)
  • Parasite of Mordrax (clamshell package)
  • Termagant sprues recut for more options (some chatter says Genestealers)
  • Mycetic Spore
  • Tyrant Guard and Hive Guard -Dual-build plastic kit. 3 models. All options for either unit.
  • "Large plastic monstrous creature" - "the new kit in comparison to the Tyrannofex will have similar size ratios as the Wraithknight to the Wraithlord"
Added Rumors from BoLS: 20 Aug 2013

Zion 08-14-13 12:37 AM

2 Attachment(s)

Loli 08-14-13 08:05 AM

Now this is what I'm psyched for.

Big bug for them could be interesting. Being a HQ slot though...... The Tyrant has been the go to HQ choice for so long for a reason. So it would be nice if it is a genuine competition for that slot. slot.

The 'Nids are at a disadvantage with the lack of allies especially wit all the great combinations out there. Reshaping the idea like that seems okay I guess because that's all Allies are, an extra of each slot, but if 'Nids get this I imagine people nerd raging when it just isn't.

Those Harpy rumours have been around forever.

Huzzah! Guard allegedly getting Skyfire. Though with what they are I'm surprised Tyrannofex wouldn't get it, since I've always pictured a Tyrannofex blasting flyers and such out of the sky on a battlefield. Still, it's rumour so maybe it will get it.

Can't wait for more
. :-)

EmbraCraig 08-14-13 09:51 AM


Originally Posted by Zion (Post 1404912)
Rumors 6-22-2013
Tyranids are after Space Marines

Tyranids will be receiving a large plastic monstrous creature.
-the new kit in comparison to the Tyrannofex will have similar size ratios as the Wraithknight to the Wraithlord

I can't help think this is an exageration - the Tyrannofex/Tervigon kit is already big enough to compare well to the current big models, scaling it up by the same ratio as a Wraithlord to a Wraithknight would end up with something superheavy sized.

The rest of the stuff sounds good, although most of the model releases listed are the ones we've been waiting for since the last book... maybe the new SM tactical squad box is a sign that we might start to see some updated basic troops appearing for other releases too. Termagants do need it, really, the kits are showing their age a bit.

slaaneshy 08-14-13 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by EmbraCraig (Post 1404998)
I can't help think this is an exageration - the Tyrannofex/Tervigon kit is already big enough to compare well to the current big models, scaling it up by the same ratio as a Wraithlord to a Wraithknight would end up with something superheavy sized.

I'd say this fits in exactly to where GW are at present - they love releasing big stuff, all armies have something big in the new release....and it will sell by the bucket load!

Creon 08-14-13 01:40 PM

And here I was hoping Genestealer Cults would be the "fix" for no Allies. I would believe Big Bug cause Big Expensive New Models seems the current meta for GW Releases.

EmbraCraig 08-14-13 04:12 PM

Don't get me wrong, I don't doubt there'll be some kind of new big kit... I doubt that it'll be 2-2 1/2 times the size of the Tyrannofex (although I guess there were those Dominatrix rumours earlier in the year - that would be about right scale wise, since the Domi used to be a bio titan roughly the size of a baneblade).

I mean, there's already not much difference between the size of a Tervigon and a Hierodule (although the greater bulk of the latter can justify the Monstrous/Gigantic creature difference), so how much bigger can you sensibly go while still classing it as an MC rather than gigantic creature?

(Plus, I've no idea how the hell I would transport anything that sort of size to regular games...)

Loli 08-14-13 04:46 PM

This is my problem, I play 'Nidzilla so that entails having big bugs in decent numbers. Having a big bug would make sense. But I don't see it being any bigger than what we currently have. It just can't, it's not going to be slender like a wraith knight. I just think rumours saying it will be bigger are just rumour. Any bigger and it would have to go into a new class.

But there will be a new centre piece monster kit. Like them or not the sell, well and for 'Nids is perfect fit. The question would be if it's a multi kit with the Harpy, I think it could be in the same way that many fliers were multi box in which case, maybe the monster will be a AA monstrous creature in the same way Harpy is a bomber. Just an idea though.

Creon 08-14-13 04:52 PM

Don't be too sure, it could be Arachnarok sized, or a little bigger,and still be on the oval base.

EmbraCraig 08-14-13 04:59 PM

Well most of the older rumours about a Harpy kit have listed it as a possible dual option box, with extra rules to be published in White Dwarf, so hopefully there'll at least be some different weapon options for it - swapping out it's guns for some souped up Devourers would do the trick or just give it rending claws and give it something extra for vector strikes... a close combat anti-air option would be an interesting twist.

locustgate 08-14-13 07:11 PM

Sooo...harpies are like nid fighters/bomber (plane)?

Ddraig Cymry 08-14-13 07:33 PM

Well this should be interesting. I'm betting they're doing the new big bug for these guys for sure, that type of unit already fits with this army.

Loli 08-14-13 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by locustgate (Post 1405133)
Sooo...harpies are like nid fighters/bomber (plane)?

The codex entry reads that it's pretty much a bomber. So yeah, that I don't think it's out on the realm of possibility that should the Harpy be released then if it's dual kitted an AA fighter option would make sense.

locustgate 08-14-13 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by Ddraig Cymry (Post 1405138)
Stuff big bug stuff

Ok every time I read that I think of Starship troopers.

Maybe a new type of AA nid a version of the....crap...mortar nid.

lockeF 08-16-13 03:53 PM

I'm very excited if tyranids are in November. I hope if hive guard to get skyfire they also get interceptor and stay at S8, ignore cover, and don't need line of sight. Of course perhaps that would be too powerful - even when stuck at 24 inches. I love the impaler cannon and I would hate to see it's strength diminished just for skyfire.

A harpy roughly the size of a helldrake sounds too big in my opinion. And will really suck for everyone who converted their harpy from a fex. Considering it only has 3 wounds and T5 I feel like making it that large is strange.

I like the idea of a bigger bug but I hope it will be worth fielding. I remember really old rumors stating something about when it dies it forces a shit ton of wounds to other nids. I do like the idea of ML 3 though.

I'm hoping they fix a lot in the codex. Not just pyrovores. Like Raveners gaining some way to stay alive as well as a points reduction. I imagine a points hike on tervigons (hopefully not too many rule changes here), a points hike on trygons, perhaps a fix for carnifexes, and making the wings biomorph cheaper for the tyrant, perhaps 20 points cheaper would be nice.

I also hope they don't kill SiTW. I have many hopes for this codex but I'm really excited that there is a prospect of it coming in November.

Loli 08-16-13 04:19 PM

I'd like them put fex variants over to elites again. One thing lacking from my 'Nidzilla is MC elites. I love the squadron thing, but when IG can have variants in a single squad they need to apply the same for 'Nids, taking 3 of the same combined with each being high pointed is what hurts it. One Eye should be a character upgrade for the Fex, bring back Red Terror - love the model -.

Biovores need to be more attractive. Pyrovores, nice model but it's the slot choice which hurts them. Up against Zoanthropes and Hive Guard, if you have something in the slot which you want people to take then it had better be good if your up against Hive and Zoanthropes, so if they nerf either to make the others more appealing I'll be a tad miffed.

Gimme a way to take Gargoyles as troops would be nice.

Zion 08-20-13 04:40 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Sorry for the delay. Summary is updated.

EDIT: From Faeit212:


via a strong source here on Faeit 212
Tyranids, at least at current can ally with themselves essentially.
They have the standard:
2 HQ
6 Troops
3 Elites
3 Fast Attack
3 Heavy Support

And can take an optional

1 HQ
2 Troops (not minimum 1, up to 2, but instead MUST take 2 and then...)

And if they do, it unlocks
1 Elite
1 Fast Attack
1 Heavy Support.

Only an HQ from the core can be warlord.

Then the diversity comes into play.

Hive Fleets now have different rules (think chapter tactics). Your secondary brood can be from a different hive fleet. Not representing two fleets working together, just similar evolutionary strains.

There are also army wide FoC changes based on your Hive Tyrant. Wings give you the option to take Gargoyles as your compulsory troops (so max 2) for instance. Bonded carapace let's you take Carnifex's as elites as well as heavy support (but can't be more than a certain number of points, so they end up kinda baby).

They have some really cool adaptations for skyfire.

Warriors can be purchased as sergeant style upgrades for gaunts and gargoyles. They get the biomorphs of the brood and are not attached like wolf guard.

Tyrannofex will see a points decrease.

Pyrovore will see torrent.

Ranged biomorphs contribute to a model's close combat.
Melée biomorphs enhance a model's ranges attacks.
You take some biomorphs that affect both, like +1 str to both.
But having a gun makes melée better and having melée weapons improves your guns. There's some new synergy there. Mostly for big bugs.

Psychic ability is a lot worse than what it is now, but it'd be difficult to explain and just upset people who don't have the whole picture.

All of this is subject to change and about a month old.

Zion 08-21-13 01:42 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Looks like 4chan is getting in on the action too!


Via 4chan:
Army-wide notes
- No FOC and ally table changes
- Devastation and Adaptation are new power tables with 3 powers each + primaris.
- Primaris for Devastation = Warp Blast, Adaptation = Onslaught (similar to battle-focus)
- All Tyranid powers can be used with either one or two charges to increase the effect.
- Ravenous Advance: Units with this rule can run & assault in the same turn.
- The Ground Trembles: All MC cause d3 Hammer of Wrath hits.
- Red Terror, Deathleaper and Old One Eye are unique upgrades to their respective broods.

-Harpy/Erinye, plastic dual kit.
- Harpy is designed to kill infantry hordes/provide support via its special vector strike.
- Vector striking it can either use Spore Mine Cyst to create blasts along the path or Sonic Screech to halve initiative and cause a pinning test.

- Erinye is an AA variant in Elite, very different front torso/head piece with gribbly tentacles.
- Increased Swoop speed and its gimmick is grappling other flyers.
- Vector strike -> dice roll 4+ -> the enemy flyer is dragged directly behind where the Erinye ended its move, including a new facing.
- Both can buy broods of Gargoyles that can drop off in the movement phase when not vector striking.

-Zoanthrope (Doom)/Genethrope, plastic dual kit.
- Zoanthropes are ML1 psykers, have access to the Devastation, Telepathy, Telekinesis tables.
- Genethropes are similar, but have access to the Adaptation and Biomancy tables.
- New unique biomorphs. Increased Shadow in the Warp range, Deny the Witch boost aura, two others.

- Both types can upgrade up to ML2 but only ever get 1 power, each Elite choice is a unit of 1-3 that can contain mixded Zoan and Gene.

- Doom has access to all the above tables and comes with Essence Leech and 3 powers.
- Consumes a wound every time it uses a power (except for Leech), but can keep casting until a Perils roll or its down to 1 wound.

Mycetic Spore/Mycetic Hive Node, plastic dual kit
- Spore is a Dedicated Transport, notable changes are that SC can join and MC broods can all opt to get spores.

- Hive Nodes are bought by HQ models (1-3 choice for Tyrants, 1 for every other HQ), no transport capacity.
- Nodes provide Synapse and can be configured in one of many ways. Grants poison or shrouding to nearby units or terraforms (Dangerous Terrain) the surroundings.

- Old unused bimorphs in the box are options again.
- Base cost the same but upgrades are much, much cheaper overall but lots of "only buy 1 out of this list" kind of choices which greatly limits what a fex can have.
- Tusked gives HoW an AP value, Thornback increases the number of HoW hits.
- Enhanced Senses gives Night Fighting.
- Tail Scythe & Tail Mace each deliver a single hit to all models in BtB at Ini 1, with different stats.
- Living Battering Ram rule: Changed to allow the Carnifex to assault the contents of a building/transport on a 4+ if it was destroyed by its charge, rolled once for the brood.

Creon 08-21-13 02:22 AM

Oh dear, some competing rumours now. How...nice. I like them both, in parts.

GrizBe 08-21-13 10:13 AM

Given the nature of 4chan, I'd call that more wishlisting and forum talk then actual rumours. I'd back a cartload of salt onto those ones.

That said, there are some nice ideas there, but they seem a little unbalanced... hence wishlisting at worse, rejected playtest at best.

Zion 08-21-13 01:21 PM

2 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by GrizBe (Post 1406793)
Given the nature of 4chan, I'd call that more wishlisting and forum talk then actual rumours. I'd back a cartload of salt onto those ones.

That said, there are some nice ideas there, but they seem a little unbalanced... hence wishlisting at worse, rejected playtest at best.

4chan (/tg/ in particular) has been a source of information in the past, but I agree, it's an odd list. I haven't been able to find the original source either so I'm not sure if it was presented as wishlisting or an actual batch of rumors yet.

EmbraCraig 08-21-13 03:07 PM

If these are lists of stuff coming from playtesting, rather than wishlisting, then some of the ideas sound interesting. Plenty of options to make getting into combat quicker more doable, and I like the sound of only snapshots on a turn that Ymgarls or a Lictor is revealed (it's a simply implemented mechanic that fixes one of the big problems with the unit in a way that makes sense in game).

Most of the codexes for this edition have been good so far in terms of having plenty of playable options, so here's hoping that the nids get the same treatment :)

Creon 08-21-13 03:42 PM

I think the extra Force Org might well help in the "no Allies" situation. I hope that one's true. I was hoping for a "Genestealer Cult" option, allowing Guard as allies.

jd579 08-21-13 06:55 PM

Either way Im excited for the new nids, may dig mine out again,Hooorayyyy

GrizBe 08-22-13 02:46 PM

Some new rumours via Faeit212:


This morning we have an older Tyranid playtest set, that is about 6-7 months old according to the source. So while looking at playtest rumors, its important to note that playtest rules tend to look much different than what the codex is, but still gives us a direction and feel for the how the codex might end up.

Please remember that these are rumors of a playtest set.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212

He states these rules are BETA and are around 7 month old

Hormagaunts :

may add an additional 20 Hormagaunts

Equipment: scything talons & adrenal glans


toxic sacks : (remain the same)

piercing talons : (+1 strength)

tyranid warrior (squad leader):

special rules:

leap, they just keep coming,synaptic back lash (tyranid warrior only) synapse creature (tyranid warrior only)

leap: may charge +6'' extra & do not lose initiative while charging through difficult terrain

they just keep coming: enemies firing at models with this rule suffer -1 bs

models with BS 1 must re-roll any successful hits on a model with this target.

synaptic back lash: after a model with this rules dies then all friendly units within 6'' of the models death suffer a single strength 3 AP - hit.

Old one eye to have his toughness increased

tyranid warriors

may add an additional 3 models


5 5 4+


piercing talons, leap, synaptic back lash,

special rules: will of the hive mind


toxic sacks: (read above)

adrenal glands: (read above)

range biomorph exoskeleton: (+1 bs)

increased exoskeleton: (+1 sv)

barbed strangler: (remains the same)

venom rifles: (tyranid rifles with poison) 18'' range (under re-testing)

will of the hive mind: while the squad remains with the full 3 models then the synapse range increases to 12''


may add an additional 2 models


6 5


scything talons, piercing talons

special rules: rampant rage, living battering ram, natural disaster


Toxic sacks:

range biomorph exoskeleton:

armoured shell: (2+ save)_

crushing claws: (+d3 attacks & +1 to range AP)

reinforced plating: (reduced strength of weapon being fired at you by 1)

heavy venom cannon: (strength 9 AP 2 heavy 2)

barbed strangler: (strength 5 AP 5 large blast, pinning)

twin linked devourers: (strength 4 AP 6 assault 4)

rampant range: when charging units the carnifex gains rage & furious charge)

Living battering ram: the carnifex deals d3 hammer of wrath hits

natural disaster: if the carnifex forgoes its turn in a piece of terrain (ruins ect) it can destroy that terrain and remove it from play

These don't read like the 4chan rumours, so I'm guessing that playtesting has either changed a lot, or the 4chan stuff is wishlisting. They do however back up previous rumours.

Creon 08-22-13 03:05 PM

4chan looks less valid now, the original rumors somewhat supported.

Loli 08-22-13 03:12 PM

I like the whole Synapses thing which reads as cool.

4 chan just read like wishlisting, if aspects are true then it maybe good, but these rumours if true help to cancel out 4chan at least.

GrizBe 08-22-13 04:08 PM

I rather like the 'they just keep comming' rule. Some people will bitch about the -1 BS, but it really fits in with the ravenous horde of critters maurading and swarming towards you image that the smaller bugs should have.

Arcticor 08-22-13 05:52 PM

and it will make overwatch hurt a lot less. one thing I can see happening from 4chan is the run and assault rule. it seems like the newer dexes have similar rules (look at eldars battle focus for instance)

Dies Irae 08-22-13 06:31 PM

That "Leap" rule is something the Tyranids really need. Having an assault army that is not really fast and can't assault anything in cover kinda kills the purpose. Making your opponents re-roll Overwatch is just icing on the cake.

Some things on this test list look wierd (like the Warrior upgrade for gaunts or the ranged weapon profiles). I also can't imagine how to represent the difference between scything/piercing talons and the different exoskeltons and shells.

Da Joka 08-25-13 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by Zion (Post 1404912)
Harpy – big overhaul. New model/dual-combo kit, Flying Monstrous, Sonic Screech combines with Vector striking. Additional Spore Mine Cysts may be purchased as upgrades. Default Stranglethorn has new upgrade options.

So doesn't anyone else find this funny? "New model" shouldn't it be "Finally getting A model"?

Loli 08-25-13 08:00 PM

Yeah, it is funny, but at the same time in is new. Though honestly using the image in the codex is very similar to the Flyrant they ended up making, so it will be very interesting to see what model they end up with looks like.

Even though I don't think the Harpy is a good unit, I want the model just as much as I want the Voidraven for my Dark Eldar.

Angelofdeath690 08-27-13 05:02 PM

I look forward too the new stuff and the changes. Hopefully things work out!

Oh and omg finally a spore model......lol?

Arcticor 08-28-13 01:20 PM

Look whats up on GW: from the white dwarf daily. (The astute will notice a harpy converted from a trygon in there)

Bindi Baji 08-28-13 10:53 PM


Originally Posted by Arcticor (Post 1408597)
Look whats up on GW: from the white dwarf daily. (The astute will notice a harpy converted from a trygon in there)

The model has been around for awhile, games day 2010 was the first time I remember it

SilverTabby 08-29-13 02:38 PM

That's the Armies On Parade winner from last year that's been on display in the museum since March.

Zion 09-04-13 03:44 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Sorry for taking so long, but it's current up to the last update I saw on dakka today:

That only took a few hours. XD

Creon 09-04-13 02:15 PM

I certainly hope the January rumour isn't fulfilled. I want to Digest Marines for Thanksgiving!

Zion 09-05-13 02:46 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Bad news kids, there were two sets of bad rumors that made the compilation: http://www.talkwargaming.com/2013/09...id-rumors.html

Zion 09-05-13 10:20 PM

2 Attachment(s)
I've fixed the roll-up. It DOES NOT include the BoLS information from today due to the Hive Fleet name being shared with the fake rumor as well as Tyranid Prime rumors fit too comfortably in the fake Prime rumors.


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