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Xabre 08-11-13 08:13 PM

Empire Battle Priests + Magic Dice
So the rules for Battle Priests say that they generate Magic Dice and Dispel dice like wizards. However, they don't have Wizard Levels, only bound spells. Does this mean that an army can't dispel unless you have a true Battle Wizard in the army?

Also, partially related: Can those magic dice be used to augment the bound spells (basically to bump the caster level for anti-dispel?)

effigy22 08-11-13 09:14 PM

What it means is they can make a channelling roll.

There bound spells can still be dispelled as normal.

Xabre 08-11-13 09:43 PM

So unless I have Battle Wizards, I can't really do anything else with them except cast their bound spells, and their Holy Power rule doesn't help. Good to know. I was hoping to use them almost like armored dispell dice, but that's out.

effigy22 08-11-13 11:03 PM

You can always dispel. Sorry, misread the first part. Its just easier with a wizard as you gain a bonus equal to magic level.

LordofFenris 08-29-13 06:04 AM

Warrior Priests are boss. I face them a lot and they CONSISTENTLY perform. They should not be taken alone, and work very well with a Level 4 caster, particularly in the dispel world. In addition, if you have a level 4 with, say Light, it makes your opponent play run around trying to figure out what to stop: the amazing for Empire Light buff spells, or the equally amazing Warrior Priest bound spells. Mathhammer: Lets say you are casting Barona's Timewarp with your level 4. You have 2 Warrior Priests and 10 Power dice, your opponent has 6 and a level 4. You throw 4 dice and get the spell off on a 15. Your opponent now has to chase that with 4 dice, 3 to even make it and 1 for insurance. That leaves him down to 4 dice vs your 8. You can now bait him with your bound spells. Will he let them through risking 5+ wards and whatnot? Or will he try to chase them down dice for dice? Either way, that's not a game he's going to win and you will get off plenty of bound spells.

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