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GrizBe 08-04-13 06:41 PM

Peter Capaldi to be the 12th Doctor.
So... the replacement for Matt Smith has been announced to be Peter Capaldi.


Personally, I think they've made a big mistake here. He's never been in anything that I've liked, and that includes his stints in the fires of Pompeii Doctor Who episode, and his appearance in Torchwood's Children of Earth arc.... Hell. I'd rather they'd have made the Doctor a black woman then Capaldi.

Stella Cadente 08-04-13 06:54 PM

Who?........should of picked Ross Kemp

Lord of the Night 08-04-13 07:27 PM

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Hm interesting. I'll give the show another try when he comes on, I haven't enjoyed a DW episode since David Tennant left. The writing just got childish and annoying. Perhaps things will be different now.


Jacobite 08-04-13 11:32 PM

I might be actually tempted to watch this now. It's always been a bit too light for me, hopefully PC changes that. He was the best thing about the Thick of It and loved him as Sid's Dad in the first two seasons of Skins.

chromedog 08-05-13 12:48 AM

So who is Peter Capaldi and what has he been in that I might have seen?

I didn't get around to seeing Children of Earth (didn't realise it was on UKTV here and only saw part of the last episode of it as a result. UKTV is where the Eastenders, Hollyoaks, and all the other dismal soaps and TV shows live).

I don't think I saw "fires of pompeii" - but I've never been a die-hard who fan who had to watch every episode. There were times I'd rather watch warehouse 13 than who (and I don't like WH13).

Bane_of_Kings 08-05-13 07:07 PM

This is actually pretty interesting, having not seen anything from Capaldi in the past (aside from appearance in DW), I've been watching a few of his clips on Youtube, and aside from me now wanting to see The Thick of It, I think he'd be a great choice.

chromedog 08-06-13 12:19 AM

Link less than helpful to those outside the UK.
The beeb has declared that us former colonials can't watch the clip.

bitsandkits 08-06-13 05:35 AM

hes a strong and capable actor and will give back us back the more traditional older doctor , i think its a good move, hopefully we might a shift in the writing towards a more mature story lines rather than mad cap running around and wearing a fez.

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arlins 08-06-13 07:31 AM

im glad he,s onboard and when they introduced him on sunday night he rubbed his collar
( this was a habit Hartnells Doctor used to do ) , hopefully this is a hint he,s taking it back to a more traditional doctor ( or just a nod at Dr Who,s history ) .
Was not keen on the lets run around using silly sentances ( bendy wendy timey wimey ??) type episodes we,ve been having and I hope to see a tad darker episodes in the new run .

Nordicus 08-06-13 08:43 AM

I must admit, while he will probably make a great Doctor, that I'm a bit disheartened by this. And this is only due to Torchwood.

Now before I rant on, I know that all previous companions and Doctors have been on the show in some incarnation or another. But this guy's a different deal.

He was on one episode in Doctor Who (oh well, that's fine) but he was a major Character in Torchwood season 3. Seeing as Torchwood is a spinoff of Doctor Who and official Whovian universe canon, they are using the same actor from a major series in the same universe, to now portrait the Doctor? That's a stretch even for this series (which is saying alot).

I will look forward to see them adressing this, becuase otherwise it seems like they are completely ignoring Torchwood and all the canon in that series. And that would make me a very sad panda, as I enjoy that part of the Whovian universe too :(

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