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humakt 08-02-13 06:50 AM

Army Painting Challenge - August 2013
Here is this months thread.

Nordicus 08-02-13 07:06 AM


*Reserved for this months upcoming submission*

GrimzagGorwazza 08-02-13 08:22 AM

I'm gonna use my army change and do my first White panthers Tactical squad.


Old Man78 08-02-13 11:37 AM

imm0rtal reaper 08-02-13 11:51 AM

Septok 08-02-13 03:08 PM

Monolith for me. I know full well it's not an original idea, but I'm going to light it up as well, so assembly comes after painting and wiring. Who knows, it might just boost my abysmal dice rolls. What's the verdict on submitting it unassembled (but painted) in this case?

Anyway, have a monolith box:

iamtheeviltwin 08-02-13 04:14 PM

Well, my Ambitious goal for the month is to get this bad boy up and put together:


However, since I have been working on cars for the last several weekends and probably this weekend as well it may not happen and I will have to settle for just getting my Master Shadowseer (Farseer) painted up.

Iraqiel 08-03-13 07:18 AM

6 Attachment(s)
Oooh goody, I've been waiting ages to put up this picture and start work this month! I'll have to pause work on my 'in between' project though, which is a shame.

For August: A second Grey Knight Strike Squad.

Dragblud da scrunka 08-03-13 02:59 PM

My unit is my custom mage thaat i did. also if i have time im going to do the squad of archers :)


emissaryofdark 08-03-13 08:35 PM

another big month
6 Attachment(s)
as i have a week and a half off this month im going big
3 hammerheads and 24 fire warriors
have included pics of already completed models to show color schemes

All done with a day to spare!!! have left the tank in the pic to show that i did paint all three but i did not paint a railgun turret (i liked the idea of the ion cannon and double rail gun better) please dont hold this against me...........

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