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Tommie Soule 07-14-13 09:41 PM

Imperial allies help
I would like to add an allied force of Vostroyans to my Space wolf army
I have the super heavy but now i need the HQ and the troops, I want to use only the GW vostroyan models tho (I'm a puritan).
Question is 'what should i take?' I know i want a company cmd sqd and vet squad as my HQ + troops choice, with what weapons tho??

Nave Senrag 07-14-13 10:26 PM

It depends on what you want to do with your guard units. One of the great things about the Imperial Guard is its versatility.

Magpie_Oz 07-15-13 12:57 AM

The best thing for your allied detachment is to add in the things that are missing.

As Space Wolves have most weapons systems covered in their army the only thing the are short of is numbers and in this the IG units can help enormously.

If it were me I would be adding as many cheap extra wounds ........ err I mean valued soldiers, as possible.

Fallen 07-15-13 02:33 AM

if you are taking Vet squads then I think the best way is to take either Plasma or Melta weapons (obviously in groups of 3) in a chimera. If the wolves have a bunch of melta/plasma then take the other, that way you are spreading out what everything does well.

Tommie Soule 11-21-13 09:58 AM

Ace advice.
I got the vet squad and com squad. so next I am thinking about getting some of the new scenery bits for the AA etc

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