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Lord of the Night 07-14-13 07:11 PM

New Cover Arts Released
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A brand new set of cover art has been released. And it's pretty damn impressive, particularly the first offering which is... Abaddon: Talon of Horus.





And after Abaddon we have The Empire Omnibus, Stormcaller and The Wolf of Sigmar. All epic in my opinion. The Empire Omnibus is simple but good-looking, I particularly like the background; Stormcaller looks fierce and I like the raven and storm elements the best; and The Wolf of Sigmar is my second favourite, I love the image of the Skaven victorious. According to Amazon all four of these books are releases due out early next year, Abaddon being released there in April, TWoS in February, and both Stormcaller and TEO being released in March.


bobss 07-14-13 07:15 PM

Talon of Horus is by far my most eagerly awaited book this year, and having finished Blood of Asaheim last night (which was respectable and thought-provoking in its own right) this is a godsend.

The Werner book looks nice. Tempted to give the series a crack.

Dead.Blue.Clown 07-14-13 07:32 PM

Can you tell me (ASAP...) where you saw these, dude?

Tyrannus 07-14-13 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by Dead.Blue.Clown (Post 1395491)
Can you tell me (ASAP...) where you saw these, dude?

From what LotN wrote, I am guessing Amazon. I also did a quick look there and saw said covers.

piemelke 07-14-13 08:07 PM

I did not know abaddon has a small mirror in the center of his talon,

Khyzer 07-14-13 08:11 PM

Don't forget

Path of the Archon

May not be new, but I haven't seen it posted yet.

Tyrannus 07-14-13 08:15 PM

Dear God.....That path of the Archon cover is AMAZING.

Oh and I forgot to mention in my earlier post but the cover of the Talon of Horus has got me so excited for the book!

Angel of Blood 07-14-13 08:28 PM

Abaddon just looks epic, as does Stormcaller.

Myen'Tal 07-15-13 03:40 AM

The new ADB novel and Path of the Archon is what I'm looking to pick up once released. Also been thinking on starting the Black Plague triliogy, looks promising!

MontytheMighty 07-15-13 06:11 AM

I'm really interested in reading Aaron's Talon of Horus. Would love to see his take on the Black Legion

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