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The Son of Horus 06-30-08 02:05 AM

The quick fix for fighting Orks is to take the fight to them. They rely on getting the charge, so don't let them have it. Get up in their green xenos faces with weapons like flamers that ignore cover, and follow up with a steadfast charge with dedicated assault units. Suddenly, that kustom force field is just dead weight for the Mek when the other side is getting the jump on the boyz!

MidnightSun 03-10-09 10:05 PM

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Lash of Submission all surrounding orks out of the force field (preferably into rapid-fire range. Instant carnage. *Looks at avatar and wipes away tear*

Inquisitor Einar 03-10-09 11:06 PM

Flamers are your friend ;) Ofcourse my sisters have plenty of those. I once played against orc speed freaks in a tourney. My cannonness blocked a couple of trukks coming from the flank, and my calidus held up some with her neural scrambler and then the orks when he got out.
Flamers did wonders against his orcs and my seraphim chopped up his little trukk with ease with their eviscerator.

Small note: Speed freaks when they fall back, go to their trukks and auto regroup in them. So if you shoot a squad that just disembarked and it runs back inside, assault the trukk they are in. This is considered part of their unit, so you may assault it.
( that is how the judge ruled it on that tourney anyway )

Flakey 03-12-09 08:31 PM

Is the Cult of Speed rule book still valid for tournaments then?

You also had a lucky rulling, because even pre 5th edition. Speed freeks could go back into any transport vehicle. They not really had a dedicated transport. Just one you would buy for the unit.

Inquisitor Einar 03-12-09 10:22 PM

It was some years ago. and yes, that was the same back then.
The ruling was based on the fact that the vehicle I was charging was the one they ran into. Basicly, my unit 'chased' after them and ripped apart their trukk because they were inside. ;)

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