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w0lfgang7 07-10-13 10:28 AM

Coteaz + Asdrubael Vect Theorycrafting
Theorycrafting the interplay between Asbrudael Vect and Coteaz for seizing the initiative. At 240 for a HQ unit Asbrudael Vect costs way too much even at 2000pt games, but in theory, does this work?

DE and GK as allies? Check...they're desperate allies so they can get onto the board together. (Not sure of a fluffy reason why they would, but let's ignore that for now.)

Asbrudael Vect seizes the initiative on 4+. So you roll to steal the initiative, but roll a 1, so you don't get it. BUT you have Coteaz in your GK FOC, and since he lets YOU (emphasis mine) re-roll for seize the initiative, you do so. You roll a 5. Does this mean that you successfully seized the initiative because you have Vect in your army?


Magpie_Oz 07-10-13 10:37 AM

It certainly reads that way but honestly any question like this in regard to allies is almost always answered "No" in the FAQ

w0lfgang7 07-10-13 04:15 PM

So until there's a FAQ, then it's a 340 point opening game shenanigan move. Now if there was only a guy that forced you to go second:grin:

Da Joka 07-11-13 09:03 AM

We did this with Imotekh and Coteaz in a teams Tournament.

If Imotekh is your Warlord he allows you to steal on a 4+ as well... that is as long as your opponent doesn't have any Orks... buut he is 225, compared to 240... so I guess that is fair.

That being said... the first game they won the roll off to go first, and we decided it would be best to let them get closer to us, the second game was VS Orks, so it didn't work, and the 3rd game we lost the roll to go first and then failed both the roll, and the reroll to steal... buuut we ended up getting second place so it didn't really matter to much in the end.

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