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Jacobite 07-06-13 06:01 AM

Jac's Log Of Everything other than Yearly PC (Tau, Radical =I=, 48MM, Space Marines)
Welcome to the log formally known as Icarus Var. Inquisitor. Radical. Gentleman Badass. (A Monochrome Army attempt), please see this post for explanation as to why this log has gone and changed from a very specific one to a general log of many things.

Thought I should probably start a log for this force before I get too far along with it. A couple of minis I've converted have been shown elsewhere but I'll be showing them again here.

The idea of this force is to try and make it monochrome. There aren't many monochrome armies out there on the web and I think it's very interesting painting idea, that is: make it as black and white as possible, greys, blacks, white, really washed out and dull colors with possibly one spot color (a blue in this case). I've wanted to dabble in this for a while and the good thing is is that if it turns to shit it's really easy to go and make it "normal". Another thing I've always wanted to do is do a Radical Inquisitors retenue: deamon hosts, pyskers, grizzled vets and dodgy mercs from all across the Imperium. I'm not wanting this Inquisitor to be so far gone he's a Chaos pawn in all but name but actually be a Radical who serves the Imperium. The Inquistior in question is one that has been in the back of my mind for years, I wrote a unfinished short story about him back in the early days of Heresy:


The characters have moved on a bit from then but the basic idea is still the same. A young Xanthism following Inquisitor with two very close bodyguards. I'm expanding this and giving Var 3 squads of retainers with the two body guards in that story becoming rules wise another =I= and a Vindacre Assassin (because that was the best I could do ruleswise to make it work). A list for the force and some more expansion of the various counts as is follows:


Coteaz – 100 pts

Icarus Var. Radical =I=. This is the only proper =I= in the force, I’d prefer him to have a deamon weapon for fluff purposes but alas its not possible, a deamon hammer it is then (ruleswise I think a deamon weapon could have a similar effect to a force hammer)

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor – 79 pts

Power sword, power armor, needle pistol, psychotroke grenades, 2 servo skulls.

One Var’s two most trusted henchmen. IG Vet who then became a drill abbot and then got recruited and shown the light. I went Xenos with him for the wargear, bit more exotic stuff in there. He leads the CC henchmen squad.


Henchmen Squad – 135 pts

3 Crusaders – (Crusaders)
5 Deathcult Assassin – (Disgraced Deathcult members)
2 Acro-Flagellants – (Hulking chrono gladiators from a medieval world)

Inquisitorial Chimera – 65 pts

Dozer blade, storm bolter

These guys run with the Xeno's =I=. The Chimera will be some sort of repurposed civilian vehicle. Awesome conversion opportunity right there.

Henchmen Squad – 217 pts

3 Warrior Acolytes with storm bolters, carapace (3 Guard Vets: WIPs P2 )
3 Warrior Acolytes with plasma guns, carapace (3 Guard Vets)
3 Inquisitorial Servitors with Plasma Cannons (3 Sagitarii:)
2 Jokaero Weaponsmiths (As Joka’s but really raggedy specimens or some renegade Adep Mech types.)

Inquisitorial Chimera – 65 pts

2 heavy bolters, dozer blade, storm bolter

The Chimera will probably some sort of half track or repurposed civilian vehicle. This squad is the opposite of the previous one, lay down a fair bit of fire. Coteaz/Var leads them.

Henchmen Squad – 123 pts

3 Deamonhosts (These will actually be as modeled as really sliced up and tortured Psykers, call them freshly possessed if you want and it makes you feel better about me using rules for something count as something else in the dex. In my fluff they are actually pyskers. Think Agun Soric at the end of Only In Death, not the normal ones like in the IG dex)
3 Warrior Acolytes with carapace armour and power swords (Sanctioned Division Custodians, a hunchback, a woman and a man. A strong nod to Only In Death)
3 Warrior Acolytes with carapace armour (Sanctioned Division Custodians - Max Mini Necrohounds, because the minis are HAWT!)

Inquisitorial Chimera – 65 pts

2 heavy bolters, dozer blade, storm bolter

2 per Guards per “pysker” as in Only In Death seems to suggest. The chimera will probably be an open topped chimera or Trojan with trailer… like in Only In Death. Get the theme here?


Vindicare Assassin – 145 pts

This is the other of Var’s most trusted henchmen, a IG Vet. I’d prefer to have him as another =I= with a hellrifle and put him with the Shooty henchmen but the dam FOC doesn’t allow it!

Fast Attack:

Storm Raven Gunship – 255 pts

Psybolt ammo, hurricane bolters, multimelta

This will be some sort of personal gunship of Vars. Not entirely sure what this mini will be based on.

Heavy Support:

Nemesis DreadKnight – 235 pts

Personal teleporter, and heavy incinerator.

May seem like an odd/cheesy choice I know but I don’t care. You may have been wondering why I haven’t included a daemon host in any of the retinues in what is supposed to be a fluffy Radical list. The reason for that is that statwise they seem to be possessed by a nurgling….This is the deamon host bitches! Most likely make it from a Soul Grinder or something. Heavy incinerator is the fluffiest weapon for him I think and same with the teleporter. Deamonhost slipping in and out of the warp breathing fire still sound cheesy?


Not only will this log be having updates of the minis being worked on but I'll also be throwing up some options for various minis to get people's opinions on. I'm going to be using 3rd party minis as well as GW ones for a few reasons:

1) It's a character force so I want the best minis for the job, not just GW ones.
2) FUCK GW and their bullshit anti customer decisions.
3) I want to explore other ranges, there are some stunning minis out there.

Right enough jibber jabber pictures! (Next post)

Jacobite 07-06-13 07:08 AM

To give you an idea of the color scheme I'm going for, this is the sort of thing:

The Warhammer Forum ? View topic - Monochrome Dark Elves

I've started working on one of the Max Mini Necrohounds that will be 3 of the Warrior Acolytes in the Pysker Squad. This is still WIP, he needs some more highlighting:



So far I've thrown together 4 of the various WA's from two different Squads. The first three come from the shooting squad:





and then one of the Sanctioned Devision Custodians:



That sword will be being replaced by a whip because the rule of cool demands it.

One of the next things on the converting block will be the hunchback from that same squad and will be entered into the conversion comp this month when that thread begins:


alasdair 07-06-13 09:33 AM

Can I just say right now this is going to be one of the coolest and most out there things I have seen in a long time. Also I think this must be the best plog title in all of heresy.

Jacobite 07-07-13 10:43 AM

Thanks alasdair, I'm glad you are excited about it! Hopefully it lives up to your expectations and you enjoy what you see.

I forgot to say in the first post who one of the biggest inspirations for this force has been and thats Xenobiotic, in particular his gasmask Inquisitor which can be found here and on the following pages and while I can't make my conversions as extensive, intensive and otherwise amazeballs as his, I will certainly try and inject the same sort of care and attention into them and also attempt to get the same sort of flavour. Which reminds me... I need to find a way adding gas masks or goggles to those minis above. Ideas?

Anyway: Here is the counts as Vindicare Assassin based on Max Mini's Guardsman Sniper:



shaantitus 07-08-13 01:24 PM

I LIKE THIS. Inquisition armies have so much scope for alternative models and conversions, especially radical ones. And the gk dex give huge scope for that customisation, I used it for my dark mechanicus for the same reason. Cary on with the cool

Jacobite 07-09-13 03:46 AM

Icarus Var. Inquisitor. Radical. Gentleman Badass. (Attempting A Monochrome Army)
Cheers shanntitus, the only problem with the GK dex to my mind is either needing to take Coteaz for unlimited henchmen or having to have a =I= for each squad (which due to FOC means you can only have 2), otherwise it's great!

As well as painting some Minotaurs I also worked on my entry for this months conversion challenge: A Warrior Acolyte. This one is one of the three from the Pysker/Deamon Host squad and is being modelled as a Sanction Division Custodian. More specifically he is hunchbacked - a very strong nod to Only In Death. I'm still at the glueing stage at the moment, he's going to need some GS work in the arms, neck and spine. Anyway:





Thoughts, idea etc?

shaantitus 07-10-13 01:26 AM

Coteaz is not so bad. If I remember he is in pa with a big ass hammer, the psyber eagle is just a shooting attack, so give him a weird looking gun. I use a converted techmarine to stand in for him.

Magpie_Oz 07-10-13 01:34 AM


Originally Posted by shaantitus (Post 1394362)
If I remember he is in pa

Even better, it's Artificer armour !

Jacobite 07-11-13 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by shaantitus (Post 1394362)
Coteaz is not so bad. If I remember he is in pa with a big ass hammer, the psyber eagle is just a shooting attack, so give him a weird looking gun. I use a converted techmarine to stand in for him.

It was more a fluff irritation. I'd have liked to give him a deamon weapon if I could. All the rest of it I can explain away easily, I will actually give him sort of psyber minion, the only part that is a bit of a stretch is the deamon hammer into a deamon weapon but the effects are the same really.


Originally Posted by Magpie_Oz (Post 1394364)
Even better, it's Artificer armour !

Finding some none SM power armor eqiv is a bit irriating however Coteaz's is pretty small I think. I'm tossing up whether to use this mini for Var or Feliko (the other "=I="):


Armor wise it's very similar to Coteaz so I think it could pass for =I= Artificer armor easily with a little bit of work. It's a stunning mini, however it's sword is sheathed which for Var I would prefer it not to be. For Feliko it works really well as I would just make the spear carrying arm hold a pistol.

Two of the other potentials I'm looking at are:


Like the armor and the pose but I'd replace the hands and shoulder pads and do something about the head.


I really like this one but I'm scared it's a little to fantasy. The face and the pose are all perfect but the Shoulder pads would get changed to Cadian-esque ones and he may be a little too skinny.

Basically I'm looking for something Coteaz like: armor etc but with a sword friendly pose

Old Man78 07-11-13 08:33 PM

Some very interesting conversions there Jacobite, can't wait to see paint on them, keep up the excellent work

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