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Nordicus 07-04-13 10:32 AM

Tips and guides from painters needed: Battleboard!
Greetings fellow heretics!

I come to you all for advice: I have recently bought a Realm of Battle gameboard from Games Workshop. Additionally I bought the standard "Now you can color it!" pack to get started.

However, after having made it with that pack (Brown, lightbrown and grass) I'm not really convinced that grass is the way to go.

I found this screenshot:

THIS is what I want to make. So, my cry for help is twofold:

1) How do I safely remove the PVA-glue that is underneath the grass?
2) Anyone got any tutorials or help to make my board look as closely as I can to the picture above? Any guides and tips would be highly appricated!

I'm counting on you all. Thanks in advance!


Dave T Hobbit 07-04-13 11:07 AM

PVA does not bond with plastic so you should be able to peel it away.

I suggest using a butter knife (or other blunt tool) to work away at an edge without scratching the plastic, then picking the final bits out with a toothpick or other fine tool.

normtheunsavoury 07-04-13 01:16 PM

Dave's right on the PVA, it should just peal away, you might even be able to pull it away with your thumb nail.

As for the paint job, first things first, get down to your local art shop/stationers/hardware store and buy the cheapest acrylic paints you can lay your hands on and a cheap decorators paint brush. Make sure you at least pick up some black and white and either some browns or the primary colours and mix your own.

Prime the board black (use GW primer if you've already got some or buy a cheaper can at the local auto store) then mix up some grey paint using your cheap acrylics and drybrush the board, focusing on the raised area and cliff faces. Continue to drybrush on your greys, adding slightly more white each time and covering a smaller area each time. When you're happy with that, mix up some brown to a shade you like and stipple it onto the board in the areas you want to look brown. Like the drybrushing, stipple a little at a time and build it up with varying shades of brown.

Job done, enjoy your gaming board!

Nordicus 07-04-13 01:16 PM

Ah nice, so it should be nice and easy to get off, only time consuming. That's excellent.

Norm, you're awesome - Thanks alot! Would you recommend sealing it afterwards or does the wear'n'tear give extra effect?

normtheunsavoury 07-04-13 01:27 PM

You'd probably be best advised sealing it, just to avoid scratches and stuff. Go over it with a matte varnish of some sort, again shop around, I'm sure you'll find something that will do the same job as anything GW sells for a fraction of the price.

Nordicus 07-04-13 01:41 PM

Allright thanks - Both of you! :) This was just what I needed!

Djinn24 07-04-13 02:14 PM

Seal with a couple costs of gloss then a couple costs of matte. Gloss is sturdier. If you have issue with the pva, soak it in water to dissolve it. I would base in grey krylon so if you miss a spot it looks like stone.

The table I painted for 2009 GD Baltimore fantasy section won best table if show if you need anymore tips.

fatmantis 07-04-13 07:53 PM

2 Attachment(s)
it took me a couple of attempts to do mine, and yes i did mine with grass the first time and it didnt work,.i simply scrapped the pva off with a scrapper then washed it with water.

here is my table, ill laid it with sand, and liquid resin, then i painted it with a mud brown, and did 2 dry brushed highlights. i did the concrete with several grays. then i lined the gaps with a black wash to make them pop.
then to finish it of a just added little amounts of grass.

it took about 3 days to do it.

Nordicus 07-04-13 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by djinn24 (Post 1392780)
The table I painted for 2009 GD Baltimore fantasy section won best table if show if you need anymore tips.

Any tips you can give is more than welcome - I want this table to be as mean and awesome as I possibly can!

Fatmantis, that is also a very good looking table! Personally I'm not a fan of the green and brown spots, but damn did you get a great texture on it and the stone looks great!

fatmantis 07-04-13 09:45 PM

yes getting grass right is quite difficult...but with a bit of terrain of it you can hide most of it, and the bits you cant actually fits quite well.

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