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WaLkAwaY 06-20-13 01:13 PM

Your Favorite Fights?
I was curious as to what your favorite fights were while reading. I think most of the books I have read have been SM vs CSM or SM vs Chaos in general. I tend to like books or get more submerged in them when the fighting is SM vs Chaos and my second would have to be SM vs Tyranid.

I read the Guant's Ghosts novels and even think I have a couple left to read but after a certain point it stopped holding me, not that I was ever that into them to begin with. I think it might have been because it was just ordinary soldiers and I really just enjoy the Space Marines.

Another could be the novels that include or are about Inquisitors when they fight Chaos. I guess I just like the SM novels better as they are elite and ... well Space Marines and the others are just soldiers.

Now maybe if there was a novel or series about some super elite group or singular assassin that even the Space Marines respected and were trepidations around then I would definitely read those. Maybe if the main character was so bada** and the reason that Space Marines respected him/her was because that person could kill a Space Maine just as easily as they could kill say a normal farmer on an agri world.

I think I have read about some Tau vs SM battles and Eldar of course. Don't think I have ever read about any Chaos SM running into Eldar, Tyranids, Necrons or Orks which would be pretty awesome.

Anyway thoughts?

Angel of Blood 06-20-13 01:56 PM

Curious you should eliminate Gaunt and his Ghosts, considering the Iron Snakes in particular hold Gaunt in high regard, and others think very highly of Mkoll, the same Mkoll who has

Don't underestimate the Ghosts, they're pretty hardcore elite. Eisenhorn and Ravenor Jane both accomplished feats that would make Astartes take a healthy amount of caution. Whilst I've only just started reading the Cain series, but from I've read so far and from little glimpses he hints at in his accounts, he's taken on some pretty hardcore opponents.

Whilst I love Astartes as much as most people. It's almost always the humans who are the most interesting, especially when the accomplish these amazing feats, perhaps because Astartes are expected to do such feats, so whilst still cool to read, it's not as surprising.

I couldn't pick a favourite fight, especially without spoiling a lot. Many of the fights in Eisenhorn, Ravenor and the Ghosts are brilliant. Lokens first fight against Lucius, possibly the shortest fight ever, but so, so memorable and epic. For all the hate and poor quality of the rest if the novel, I still enjoyed Sharrowkyn vs Lucius. Grammaticus against the Lucifer Black in Legion, or the breif final fight between Sheed Ranko and Chayne.

Though if I really thought about it, whilst I can't pick a favourite, one of the best written and brilliant to read would be Xarl vs the Genesis Marine Champion. That was just awesome beyond words. Although spoiler regarding the fight:

Lord of the Night 06-20-13 02:05 PM

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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood (Post 1387496)
Though if I really thought about it, whilst I can't pick a favourite, one of the best written and brilliant to read would be Xarl vs the Genesis Marine Champion. That was just awesome beyond words. Although spoiler regarding the fight:

That was a brilliant fight.

I loved Sharrowkyn vs. Lucius, especially for the attitude that Sharrowkyn had to Lucius since despite his arrogance he is actually the best swordsman around, and Sharrowkyn still killed him. There's always somebody better than you, and Lucius finally found someone who could kill him.

Also the fights at the end of The Siege of Castellax,


Anakwanar 06-20-13 04:38 PM

Best Fights in HH - Fulgrim vs Manus; Lucius vs Loken; Lucius vs Sharrowkyn; Gal Vorbak vs Custodes (i always hate you Xaphen); Orfeo vs Kharn; Loken vs Abbadon; Little Horus vs Torggadon; Grammaticus against the Lucifer Black; Khan vs Orc Warlord at Chondax

Best fights in 40k - Eisenhorn vs unnamed Word Bearer; Teke The Smiling one vs Word Bearers; Gaunt vs Heritor Asphodel; Mkoll vs Sagittar Slaith (the table just lovely); Mkoll vs Dreadnought; Mkoll vs Mandrake; Gaunt vs Eyl (awesome hand to hand); Xarl vs the Genesis Marine Champion; SW vs Death Guard in the Blood of Asaheim (some hate it - but nobody cant denied that one on one fights in it are really good)

Angel of Blood 06-20-13 04:46 PM

Ah, the Gal Vorbak vs Custodes wasn't a stand out, but I did love Sythrans first and only words as well.

Znoz 06-20-13 05:11 PM

Morkai vs Eldar leader (in Deathwolf)
Sharrowkyn vs Lucius (tense fight between two masters)
Knight fight (in Mechanicum)
Haegr (with other wolves :3) vs Chaos Dreadnought
Bjorn vs Magnus (Battle of the Fang)
Talos vs Void Stalker

Angel of Blood 06-20-13 05:44 PM

Bjorn vs Magnus is another one I've forgotten, as is the final fight in Prospero Burns. Also wondering how I possibly forgot the Lion vs Curze.

Lord of the Night 06-20-13 06:22 PM

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Oh how could I forget. The Feast of Blades in Legion of the Damned. Kersh fighting the Fire Lord was cool, but the three-way fight with the Imperial Fist and Black Templar was damn epic.


WaLkAwaY 06-21-13 03:15 AM

How about a different take on the question.

What factions or races do you enjoy reading about that are fighting? SM vs CSM? SM vs Eldar? Personally I like Space Marine vs Chaos or Inquisitor vs Eldar or Chaos. Not too much into SM vs Orks so
is a little rough for me to get through. Though the twists and turns are making it bearable.

Jacobite 06-21-13 03:55 AM

Personally I like IG vs Chaos. Not much else really interests me, I find generally they are more focussed on the human elements and are a bit more gritty than the uber awesome SM stuff.

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