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Serpion5 06-17-13 11:35 AM

June 2013 Member of the Month

Blackadder will be best known to those who know him for his awe inspiring scratchbuilds, most notably and recently the amazing Warlord Titan and Thunderhawk. As part of our efforts to bring focus to the less ... er, noisy members of Heresy, we reached the decision to award Blackadder the Member of the Month award for the month of June. :clapping:

Seriously, head down to Project Logs if you haven't yet and check that stuff out. :wink:


Originally Posted by Blackadder
Real name:

Stephan Black

Heresy Online user name:


Main Army:

I guess I'm partial to Cadians although I have no actual army. I have just acquired a couple of dozen derelict Cadians that I intend to paint for my diorama displays.


New Jersey USA

Personal Website:


What motivates you when choosing to buy or build an army?

I suppose I prefer the Cadians as they look realistic compared to other troops. It can be said I have no imagination.

What motivates you to keep playing or participating in the hobby?

I've never played a game I just like the building, my son is the player............

Do you play for fun or victory?

See above.

What are your plans for the future?

After I finish the Warlord and the Thunderhawk I'd like to build a Chaos Warlord based on FW's Decimator.

What is your greatest achievement that you're proud of?

I guess my scratch built Warhound Lucie and Warlord Luteus Vexant.

How did you come up with your username?

Baldrick was taken...........

How did you find out about Heresy? What made you stay?


If you could change something about heresy what would it be?

The ability to change the background from black to white as an option as some other forums do. I find it difficult to read white letters on a black background.

What was the first ever model you bought or were given?

Revell USS Missouri BB 63 was my first model kit.

scscofield 06-17-13 11:44 AM

Congratz dude, well deserved award, your scratch builds are amazing.

WaLkAwaY 06-17-13 11:58 AM

Congratulations I will check out your work later.

Tawa 06-17-13 12:16 PM

'Gratz Blackadder! :so_happy:

Romero's Own 06-17-13 12:48 PM

Well done Blackadder, I've not seen any of your work but I will check them out

Loki1416 06-17-13 02:33 PM

Congrats Blackadder!

Dave T Hobbit 06-17-13 04:23 PM

Well done.

iamtheeviltwin 06-17-13 08:14 PM

Grats Adder...your scratch builds are some of the most amazing modelling I have seen to date.

Jacobite 06-17-13 08:25 PM

Congrats Blackadder, a trually amazing project.

Djinn24 06-17-13 09:36 PM

Congrats, very much deserved.

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