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Blue Liger 06-26-08 06:18 AM

Kil teams
hey ive rerad the stuff about kill teams in the rule book but am still confused by pretty much everything said and how to work out what to take and what u can take in terms of units/men

Ordo Xeno Commander 06-26-08 07:40 AM

ok, you have a total of 160 points to spend. you can have as many or as little units as you like aslong as you stay within 160 points.

Then there's all the rules about claxon counters and such and certain actions or movements set off alarms, increasing the claxon counter.

the defensive side has roving teams and probably one to defend the objective. if you get too close or set off a certain claxon, a unit will respond. however, if one unit responds, the others may not, it depends on location and such. so even if you're spotted, you arent instantly up shit creek without a paddle.

thats about the extent of my knowledge, someone with better understanding is bound to answer.

Col. Schafer 07-13-08 06:03 AM

Killteem eh... sounds like an assasin is in order...

My apologies O.X. comander. I was in a mood.

Ordo Xeno Commander 07-13-08 07:31 AM

apart from the small fact that A) your post did not help and B) they are very expensive, far too much for a kill team where the idea is too sneak to your target, not blow your way there. Pretty much every assassin will set of claxon's and alert the defensive force, which gets better equipment and more points than you (depending on mission).

aM | Gunslinger 09-18-08 10:53 AM

ye im pretty new to the game and i play as space marines and i was wondering if anyone had any hints as to what to include in a kill team thanks

KageRyuuUji 01-19-09 07:00 AM

What page is the kill team stuff on? Is it in the new rule book or the old one?

HVS w/ Bolt Pistol and Power Weapon
6 HVs w/ Shotguns
HV w/ Grenade Launcher
HV w/ Flamer
HV w/ Heavy Bolter
Sentinel Power Lifter

Aliens anyone?

zas240 04-04-09 06:31 PM

um Grey Knight to lead maby? very good as a leader

for anyone who didn't get a copy of the old rule book here it is http://www.scribd.com/doc/7027700/40K-Rulebook

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