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gothik 06-10-13 12:09 PM

Black Sabbath 13
listening to the new sabbath album....review to follow...when i stopped slavering over the fact god is back with them...


This is what metal music was all about in the first place, the Fathers of the Genre have reunited and brought out a stonking album. Bill Ward is the notable absence due to contractual differences but then, like many things with Sabbath, nothing ever runs completely smoothly.

The Album itself blends the early days of Sabbath with a touch of the Dio years, Ronnie Dio in my opinion - rest his soul - was the only one able to replace Ozzy, when he died it ended Heaven and Hell. Black Sabbath is back, thier ninth studio album and what a come back. From the first track "End of the Beginning" You are taken back to the days when Sabbath exploded onto the rock scene and then renamed it Metal, a genre that in itself has gone through many changes, but essentially remains loyal to its roots.

Its easy to see why bands like Type O'Negative, Disturbed and even Maiden have accredited thier popularity to the humble beginnings of four Birmingham lads.

This album has seen Sabbath cement themselves as the fathers of Heavy Metal, the undisputed kings and finally returning with a well thought out, well set up album. There are hints of Caravan on "Zietgiest" and God is dead has a ring of the sabbath/Dio classic Headless Cross. Ozzy has brought influences from his solo career on board and its worked.

To be honest even i was not sure if they would be able to recreate the former magic, but they have managed it and i can see this album being played mercilessly when i am painting or writing....a must for Sabbath fans and for those who want to complete their Metal collection. Well done Tommy, Geezer and Ozzy....welcome home boys...God and his brothers are back

normtheunsavoury 06-14-13 02:05 PM

I dunno, I had a quick listen to some of this online and to be honest it just didn't sound right to me. As much as I love Sabbath I just think its about time they put this to bed, it could just be that its Sabbath and my expectations are too high I suppose, I just didn't 'get it'.

gothik 06-15-13 07:44 AM

i know they are coming to the end now, they can't go on forever but i felt as if it was a back to the old days of good ole metal. I guess it won't be for everyones tastes, i have metal friends who are also divided about it but hey...its sabbath

d3m01iti0n 07-03-13 03:50 PM

Ive never been a huge Sabbath fan but dayum, I heard God is Dead and it is on-par with their old stuff. Much better offering than some of these older guys struggling to be relevant in modern times *cough* Alice in Chains *cough*

MidnightKid333 09-27-13 02:46 PM

ionnis work on it sounds like it was recorded in 1972, but ozzys voice sounds sooo different its so strange. I have the intro riff to god is dead as my ringtone. Sounds absolutely classic but ozz has definitely seen better days

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