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Boc 06-07-13 03:55 AM

Heresy's Monthly Sprue Drive - June '13 - High Elves and Eldar

Hello Heretics!

In case you are new to the site or old age has addled your mind, this is a reminder about the Sprue Database resource found only on Heresy Online!

In June 2011, the Sprue Database was added to the website thanks to a lot of time and effort from Jezlad and Viscount Vash (as well as a few others such as Cypher871 and Wolf_Lord_Skoll). Since then, thousands of submissions from members have been added to the database and, thanks to a handful of people, we now have quite a large number of sprue photographs building up.

However, there is a long way to go until we have a complete collection, especially with the continual release of new models from Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Infinity, and others. But we can not achieve anything near a full Sprue Database without the help of you, the members of Heresy Online.

This is the next installment of our monthly campaign to completely fill up the different armies in the Warhammer universe. The goal is, by the end of the month, to have a sprue uploaded for every model currently available. The only way we can do this is with the help of the many Heretics who either buy new sprues or have complete, unprimed sprues lying about.

We will start this out rather slowly and simply, moving on with some of the newer releases since you all are more likely to have those models still on the sprues. Depending on the response we get, we may expand this to 1 WH40K army and 1 WHF army a month (or other systems, depending on interest). This way, we can crank through and complete this great resource for you all.

The focus area for the next month will be:

Eldar and High Elves

This drive is for ALL Eldar and High Elf models, old and new (as long as they are not currently on the database).

The list of what we need is below:
Vampire Counts
Lords and Heroes
  • High Elf Lord on Dragon
  • Flamespyre Phoenix
  • Tyrion
  • Teclis
  • Eltharion on Stormwing
  • Alith Anar, the Shadow King
  • Alarielle the Radiant
  • Loremaster of Hoeth
  • High Elf Prince and Noble
  • High Elf Mage
  • High Elf Prince Imrik, Dragonlord
  • Prince Althran
  • Lothern Skycutter
  • Korhil
  • Caradryan
  • Handmaiden of the Everqueen
  • High Elf Hero with Sword and Shield
  • High Elf Hero with Axe
  • High Elf Hero with Longbow
  • High Elf Noble with Longbow and Sword
  • High Elf Mage on Elemental Base
  • High Elf Archers
  • High Elf Lothern Sea Guard
  • High Elf Silver Helms
  • High Elf Ellyrian Reaver Command
  • High Elf Ellyrian Reaver
  • Lothern Skycutter
  • Shadow Warriors / Sisters of Avelorn
  • High Elf Phoenix Guard
  • High Elf White Lions of Chrace
  • High Elf Chariot
  • High Elf Sword Masters of Hoeth
  • High Elf Sword Masters of Hoeth Command
  • Flamespyre Phoenix
  • Shadow Warriors / Sisters of Avelorn
  • High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower
  • High Elf Great Eagle
  • High Elf Lothern Sea Guard Shields
  • Chracian Shields Upgrade Pack
  • High Elf Silver Helm Shields
  • High Elf Shields

  • The Avatar of Khaine
  • Eldrad Ulthran
  • Prince Yriel
  • Illic Nightspear
  • Phoenix Lord Asurmen
  • Phoenix Lord Jain Zar, The Storm of Silence
  • Phoenix Lord Karandras
  • Phoenix Lord Fuegan, The Burning Lance
  • Phoenix Lord Baharroth, The Cry of the Wind
  • Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra
  • Farseer
  • Eldar Farseer and Warlocks
  • Eldar Farseer with Singing Spear
  • Eldar Farseer with Spear and Skuriken Pistol
  • Eldar Farseer with Staff
  • Eldar Warlock with Singing Spear
  • Eldar Warlock with Witch Blade
  • Eldar Warlock with Witch Blade and Skuriken Pistol
  • Spiritseer
  • Autarch on Jetbike Upgrade Pack
  • Eldar Autarch with Power Weapon
  • Eldar Autarch with Fusion Gun
  • Wraithguard/Wraithblades
  • Eldar Fire Dragons
  • Eldar Striking Scorpions
  • Eldar Howling Banshees
  • Harlequin Troupe
  • Harlequin Death Jester
  • Harlequin Shadowseer
  • Eldar Wave Serpent
  • Windrider Jetbike Squad
  • Dire Avengers
  • Eldar Guardian Squad
  • Eldar Guardians (4 pack)
  • Eldar Rangers
  • Eldar Jetbike
  • Eldar Ranger Kneeling Observing
Fast Attack
  • Hemlock Wraithfighter/Crimson Hunter
  • Vyper Squadron
  • Eldar Warp Spiders
  • Eldar Swooping Hawks
  • Eldar Vyper Jetbike
Heavy Support
  • Wraithknight
  • War Walker/War Walker Squadron
  • Vaul's Wrath Support Battery / Eldar Support Weapons
  • Eldar Fire Prism
  • Eldar Falcon
  • Eldar Wraithlord
  • Eldar Dark Reapers
  • Eldar Storm Guardians Upgrade Pack
  • Eldar Jetbike Shuriken Cannon Upgrade Pack
  • Eldar Shining Spear Upgrade Pack
  • Any and all Forgeworld Models

However, don't let that put you off of submitting any other images! All submissions are welcome as the more we have, the closer we get to achieving the goal... of utter sprue domination! Yes, I'm a nerd, so sue me, you're the one browsing a Wargaming forum :laugh:

And don't forget, the following award is available to those who contribute by submitting a large amount of acceptable submissions:


Sigil of the Scarab
Exceptional contributors to the Heresy Sprue Database earn this accolade.


Those that fill the Sprue Database with a substantial quantity of usable submissions will gain this Award.

Reputation will also be awarded to contributors (the more pictures you submit, the higher your reward will be). Please post here when you add photos to the database, this will make it faster to be able to award the users and approve your images!

What are we looking for exactly? The following thread describes how to use the Sprue Database as well as how we would like members to submit their images - Heresy Online Sprue Database.

One last thing to note; if you have any ideas for the database or have found any errors in the database that need correcting, please use this thread to do so - https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...ad.php?t=92886.

Thank you so much to those of you who have been helping us so far and I hope that more members are able to start contributing towards it soon.

Wookiepelt 06-08-13 09:10 AM

More Space Wolves Sprues added... including a few Forge World ones. More to come later this week. :grin:

Boc 06-08-13 04:14 PM

Excellent many thanks, on my phone atm but when I get in tonight I'll have a look :)

Djinn24 06-08-13 04:35 PM

Do you have the wraithknight sprees yet? If not I have them, would have to email them.

Boc 06-08-13 04:43 PM

Nope don't have those yet.

Djinn24 06-08-13 05:21 PM

Boc 06-08-13 06:15 PM

Hate to be a git, but would you mind turning off the flash for the photos? >.< I'll PM you my email

Djinn24 06-08-13 06:26 PM

I took those prior to assembly last weekend. If they are not usable I understand.

Next model I will do at my painting desk.

Wookiepelt 06-13-13 05:27 PM

Three more Space Wolves sets uploaded:

Rune Priest
Rune Priest in Terminator Armour
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf Mount

NimbleJack3 09-28-13 03:51 AM

I'm having issues accessing the Sprue Database. Whenever I try to access https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/sprues/index.php I recieve an error message:


We're sorry, but the system experienced an unrecoverable error. Please try again later.

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