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Galahad 11-08-07 12:46 PM

Pointless VENTING
One of my favorite boards had a thread for pointless griping called, well, Pointless Griping.

Just random bad stuff that's happening right now (they also had pointless boasting, pointless random links, pointless news...etc), things that bother you, or things you need to get off your chest.

It doesn't necessarily need to be pointless. The original thread included people who just lost family or pets. Not a pointless thing, nor really a gripe, but it was something that they needed to get out, a way and a place to vent.

This is your place on Heresy to vent, let it out before it goes from a pointless gripe to a major explosion.

In the past people have misunderstood this thread, taken it to mean it's a place for bitter tirades, or that it's only for petty, trivial complaints but really it;s always meant to serve as a pressure release valve for the people here to use. So as a result, I'm renaming the thread, recristening it with a more well-defined, if not necessarily new mission.

Welcome to Pointless Venting.

This is NOT the place for angry, violent or hateful rants. No tirades or tantrums, just vent without blowing up. As always, the regular forum rules still apply. No personal attacks, mild to moderate swearing is tolerated but keep it to a minimum, etc. Common sense, people. Use it.

Anyhow, here's my pointless gripe

Getting up early to have your wisdom teeth pulled sucks
What's worse is it puts you in a pissy mood for the rest of the day. (as evidenced by some of my posts today)

Anyone else got a pointless gripe or the need to vent?

Drax 11-08-07 12:58 PM

whenever you try to get a sandwich from a supermarket, there are always at least 3 people standing in your way, staring stupidly at the choices for ages as if the sandwiches will start telling them which to choose.

invariably, one of those people picks up the last of the ones you want.

The Wraithlord 11-08-07 01:31 PM

I hate it when people stop their car a full car length or two behind the car in front of them. For fucks sake, people are all trying to get somewhere, quit taking up all the road space!

Drax 11-08-07 01:41 PM

or even worse Wraithlord, take up both the left/straight on lane and the turn right lane at a roundabout, just so you cant get out!

Jezlad 11-08-07 03:02 PM

I hate it when people slurp their cornflakes.

It's the most irritating thing in the world for me.


freaklord 11-08-07 05:03 PM

when you lacing up your footy boots and the lace breaks leaving just enough lace that you can't possibly make a knot, (this has just happened).

koppo 11-08-07 07:03 PM

Yeah, those little cards people have in their cars, the ones that say "small person on board" instead of "baby on board"

A small person is a midget, not a baby.

Elchimpster 11-08-07 09:42 PM

A-hole drivers. The guys who crawl all up on you, pass in a hurry and get stuck a car ahead of you...rushing to failure. I swear I'd be a horrible Jedi, because I would force-toss the figging car in to the nearest ditch at 65 mph.

I mean, I'm not a slow-poke, I usually do the speed-limit to as much as maybe 10-over. I usually have the patience of a saint, come to full stops, and yield to let people in (just one dammit, I did my good deed, now it's the next guy's turn). I tend to consider myself a good, conscientious driver...but the guys who are all in a rush, talking on cell phones, talking to people, or otherwise not paying attention, while speeding like Mario Andretti and cutting in and out of traffic like it's a slot-car race...yeah, that chaps my hide.

Jacobite 11-09-07 03:35 AM

Sponsers nights at work - lots of wanky bankers getting drunk and being f**king rude to the bar staff. Also not being told about said events untill you get there!

freaklord 11-09-07 10:49 AM

dirty chav scum that are on benifits they don't deserve telling you that they pay your wages when their busy spending your income tax, that pays for their benifits\at the bar, i would be happy to machine gun them all, i mean that.

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