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Nero Genesis 07-02-13 04:37 AM


Originally Posted by spanner94ezekiel (Post 1391305)
OK, results will be up tomorrow evening. In the meantime I shall leave you to despair at the Filler choices I've got lined up... :spiteful:

*Cue the Jeopardy Theme*

The tension is very very... tense.

Angel of Blood 07-02-13 11:04 AM

I'm not holding my breath. I foresee an early knockout for my last minute choice.

The Sturk 07-02-13 09:51 PM

The tension is killing me.

Come on Spanner D:

spanner94ezekiel 07-02-13 09:59 PM

Sorry, got a tad delayed - I'm about two-thirds of the way through, so results should be up by lunchtime tomorrow. :)

The Meddler 07-03-13 10:28 AM

To pass the time, why don't we make up reasons spanner's delayed? I bet he stole some of the robo-raptor janitors from Formula Inc. and they got out of hand (silly spanner, you know they were discontinued for a reason:P).

spanner94ezekiel 07-03-13 12:31 PM

Round 1 Results are finally in!

Chaosftw vs Romero's Own

The first turn sees fairly even trades, with two terminators and three Wraithguard dropping respectively. However combat turns things in favour of the Chaos Space Marines, as they claim two more. The Wraithguard manage to take out one more Terminator before being wiped out.

Romero's Own moves on.

CE5511 vs Boc

One Mutilator is killed by the Particle Casters before both sides get stuck into assault. Unfortunately the Spyders whiff, scoring no wounds compared to the Mutilators' EIGHT. The final Spyder is polished off next turn. And people said Mutilators suck...

CE5511 moves on.

Magpie_Oz vs Iron Angel

Two plasma gunners, one storm shield and one Jokearo are killed by the Rods. Then the Jokearo roll Penetrating Ammunition.... The firepower that ensues wipes the entire Praetorian unit, preventing Reanimation Protocols.

Magpie_Oz moves on.

Archon Dan vs Filler #4

The Marauders select the Heretek option, giving them Carapace Armour. Four are cut down by Shuriken fire, but the Demo Charge rolls a 6 to hit.

Filler #4 moves on.


So this is entirely down to how the dice treat it. Long story short the dice favoured AAAAAAAAARRRGGHH - Gained an advantage of 2 kills in the opening turn and it snowballed from there. CattleBruiser eventually flees.


Grokfog vs MidnightSun

The Icon Bearer is the first casualty, but four Orks are killed in return. Two more are killed in cc before the Chosen are overwhelmed by nearly four times their number.

MidnightSun moves on.

Filler #3 vs routine

13 Guardsmen are deemed to be Heretics and cleansed by the raging Sisters. However, the Guardsmen must have been even angrier, as they decimate the Celestians down to just the Superior, who flees.

routine moves on.

High_Seraph vs Filler #2

The trades are fairly even, as the Ravenwing keep fluffing their Plasma shots, leaving them 2 for 1 up at the end of the first turn. Slowly but surely, the Bikers win out.

High_Seraph moves on.

Warsmith7752 vs returnoftheclown

The GUO rolls Plague Wind for its psychic power, Corrosive Breath for its Lesser Reward and Unbreakable Hide for its Greater Reward. The Forgefiend fails to inflict any wounds, and of course the GUO cannot inflict any damage via shooting in return. In cc the Forgefiend inflicts no wounds again, whilst the GUO stuns it twice (also dropping it down to 1 HP). It is then finished off in the following turn.

returnoftheclown moves on.

Stephen_Newman vs Filler #5

No entry has been submitted by Stephen, so the Filler moves on by default.

Xlioe vs Jace of Ultramar

The Damned manage to kill 6 Cultists before being overwhelmed by vastly superior numbers.

Xlioe moves on.

MetalHandkerchief vs Zodd

The Wyches roll Grave Lotus for their Combat Drugs. 8 are dropped by the Obliterators' Heavy Flamers, with only one being wounded in return. Another is wounded while two more Wyches are downed in close combat. One Obliterator is instagibbed by the Blast Pistol, but the remaining Wyches are finished off with Plasma Cannons.

Zodd moves on.

Nero Genesis vs Biellann

Fusion Blaster, say no more. That said, the Punisher does manage to strip the Commander down to two wounds.

Nero Genesis moves on.

Angel of Blood vs The Sturk

The Dreadnought is Immobilised by the Cutting Rays, but manages to wound one Acanthrite twice, and another once. It then wipes the rest out in cc.

Angel of Blood moves on.

Karnax vs Filler #1

In an easy matchup for Karnax, the poison absolutely shreds the Tzeentch daemon. Just as planned?

Karnax moves on.

The Meddler vs ChaosRedCorsairLord

The Defiler fails to wound any with its Battle Cannon, while the meltaguns Immobilise it. A solitary Power Axe Crusader is killed in cc, while the Defiler explodes spectacularly the following turn.

The Meddler moves on.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Congratulations to all who move on to the next round, and commiserations to those who didn't quite make it. Here are the matchups for Round 2, which should be rolled by the weekend:

Romero's Own vs Zodd

Nero Genesis vs Magpie_Oz

Filler #5 vs Xlioe


MidnightSun vs returnoftheclown

High_Seraph vs Karnax

Filler #4 vs The Meddler

Angel of Blood vs routine

Magpie_Oz 07-03-13 12:43 PM

Woo Hoo ! :victory:

returnoftheclown 07-03-13 01:14 PM

Hard lines Warsmith7752!

It appears Midnight that I might be slightly outnumbered...

Angel of Blood 07-03-13 01:23 PM

Was all about the 'muthafuckin searchlight' tbh.

returnoftheclown 07-03-13 01:30 PM

Shield your eyes scum of the universe!!!! I shall burn you with my muthafuckin searchlight!!!!!

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