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High_Seraph 06-28-13 11:01 PM

Well I know I'm either really tired or very drunk and I haven't touched alcohol yet today as I read that as rape our souls not reap.

returnoftheclown 06-28-13 11:32 PM

Oh, you not heard of soul rape? All the cultists are in on it, very therapeutic...well...not for the soul in question. Unless of course they are into that sort of thing.

Nero Genesis 06-29-13 12:19 AM

Well statistically 9 out of 10 beings enjoy a good soul gang bang.
Err I mean for the greater good!

CE5511 06-29-13 02:20 AM

Nothing says rape quite like a chain fist in the pooper :wink:

Nero Genesis 06-29-13 02:21 AM

Don't forget to follow it up with a good power fist donkey punch.

Zodd 06-29-13 07:21 AM


Originally Posted by MetalHandkerchief (Post 1390826)
I'm facing Zodd eh? Would be awesome if I knew what Zodd picked.

It's probably something winny with power armour, he tends to be very predictable.

*Radiates glare of annoyance*

You are right..sort of. Kind of power armour but rather un-predictable.

And back in the Cheese-days I actually fielded an all-Gretchin/Runtherd entry.

Very Winny :laugh:

Looking forward to a good fight Metal .

returnoftheclown 06-29-13 10:53 AM

Nero and CE5511
Slaanesh would be proud of you!

spanner94ezekiel 06-30-13 01:00 PM

OK, results will be up tomorrow evening. In the meantime I shall leave you to despair at the Filler choices I've got lined up... :spiteful:

Filler #1:

Filler #2:

Filler #3:

Filler #4:

Filler #5:

Angel of Blood 06-30-13 02:31 PM

I really, really don't like the look of all that melta...

Archon Dan 06-30-13 07:50 PM

Knew I should have gone with a Marine entry. Curse my wanting to try something from my newest codex.

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