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spanner94ezekiel 06-05-13 07:02 PM

Ultimate Unit Game: Retro Edition #3 - All Rounder
Well I was going to leave posting this until Saturday, but why wait? Welcome to the third installment of the Retro Edition Ultimate Unit Game! In this game you will select one unit from a codex of your choice to compete against other Heretics in both ranged and close combat to determine the Ultimate Unit.

As of now, I only require your declaration of interest, so just post below if you wish to participate. Anybody new to the Game may want to check out the previous games, via the links posted in the Social Group.

And beware the fillers!


- CattleBruiser
- Stephen_Newman
- The Meddler
- Romero's Own
- Grokfog
- Warsmith7752
- Xlioe
- routine
- Jace of Ultramar
- Magpie_Oz
- ChaosRedCorsairLord
- High_Seraph
- returnoftheclown
- MetalHandkerchief
- Boc
- AAAAAAAAARRRGGHH (that's the correct spelling, right?)
- Zodd
- Archon Dan
- Karnax
- Iron Angel
- Biellann
- Nero Genesis
- MidnightSun
- Chaosftw

Stephen_Newman 06-05-13 07:14 PM

Count me in Muthafuckers!!!

What's the rules for this occasion/points allowances etc?

spanner94ezekiel 06-05-13 07:19 PM

I haven't fully decided on the details yet, but it'll most likely be around the 200-250 point marker. No fliers/FMCs as per usual, and I am debating whether to restrict the use of walkers - probably won't but it needs considering. And then there may be a couple of other specific unit restrictions. Note that Special Characters will be banned, but all non-Apocalypse Forge World units are permitted with their latest rules (other limitations still applying of course).

CattleBruiser 06-05-13 07:31 PM

I'm in

The Meddler 06-05-13 07:32 PM

Me too:)

Romero's Own 06-05-13 07:55 PM

Hell to the yeah spanner. Count me in

Grokfog 06-05-13 09:00 PM

I'm in!

warsmith7752 06-05-13 09:44 PM

Could be an interesting one, with access to nearly every unit it might come down to a bit of a lucky dip but then again the whole game is based on dice. So im in.

Xlioe 06-05-13 09:59 PM

Yeah I'll give it a whirl, now what to pick...

Routine 06-05-13 11:06 PM

Count me in, Spanner!

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