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dragonkingofthestars 05-30-13 01:12 AM

Meow Meow Mins

Meow Meo Mins is a small miniature company that recently had to drop off services for health issues but now is back with.

there range Is small, but very much interesting for any sister of battle players or female space marine players.





Do note: that while they do sell legs, your will need to go to a second company to get arms. The five sister kit has Anvil arms in the picture


EDIT: beep, some how the pictures did not show up. fixed

dragonkingofthestars 06-23-13 07:11 PM

ok, pictures are gone again. I officially have no idea how to post images to a forum.

Djinn24 06-24-13 03:03 AM

I normally upload to the forum or use photo bucket.

imm0rtal reaper 06-24-13 04:05 AM

The pictures are gone because you are trying to link an attachment that doesn't exist.

The easiest way to link pictures is to go to the manufacturers site. Find the picture you want to use, right click and select "copy image location". Then paste that address within the [img][/img] tags.

dragonkingofthestars 06-24-13 09:44 PM

Wvundabar! got it to work. Thanks for the help Immortal reaper.

Djinn24 06-24-13 11:05 PM

Oi. If GW took offense to CHS then they will have a kitten over these. Meow indeed.

Veteran Sergeant 08-26-13 07:34 PM

The real problem with them is the reliance on "Space Marine" parts.

Regular Space Marines have gorilla arms. The female ones from MeowMeow look downright ridiculous with any arms designed to be compatible with GW Space Marines, lol.

Haskanael 08-26-13 07:43 PM

the hands on the female commisar look ridiculusly large, but further a nice model. I dont like the female SM heads, I think the helmets are a bit. off the arms are alright but the torsos almost dangerously lite.

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