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jigplums 05-29-13 11:18 AM

why is 40k more popular than fantasy?
how popular is fantasy compared to say 40k in your area. seems that 40k is more popular, yet fantasy is the better game ;) [imo].

why do you think this is the case?

i think its too do with ease of painting and start up costs.

a real fantasy army costs more than 40k because you need more models. fantasy models i think take more time to make them look good [not in all cases]

LukeValantine 05-29-13 11:24 AM

40k by a long shot in my area. Reasons are simple. 1) Ridiculously slow build up before you have a proper size army (30 models compared to 80-120). 2) Noticeably higher average starting cost for a 2000 pt army. 3) Larger and more punishing learning curve. 3) The problems of storage and transport of 100+ models.

gothik 05-29-13 11:27 AM

i think when GW first started Fantasy was thier flag ship line, but with the erruption of 40K, more diverse models and more reasonable costs, it took over. I started Warhammer in 1987/88 and got into the 40K side about 7 years later. I had a vast fantasy army but found 40K more affordable

Barnster 05-29-13 11:45 AM

Because fantasy players are abandoning fantasy due to random movement rules and completely barmy magic?

Transporting and set up is a lot longer with fantasy which can be annoying if you only have a short amount of time

neferhet 05-29-13 11:53 AM

Firewolf 05-29-13 01:03 PM

>> In my gaming group, its about 50/50. The younger players started wi 40k, due to cost, but the old men of the group prefer fantasy. I am a 40k player 1st, but I got introduced to fantasy, and have to say I enjoy it. The good thing for me is that the only fantasy army that really grabbed my attention was Warriors of Chaos, so model count isnae as high as most other armies. Due to rediciolous pricing by GW, im not surprised 40K is more popular, cos wi most fantasy armies,and the way shit is packed now, £40 for 20 minis is a jip.

Squire 05-29-13 01:23 PM

I like the fluff potential of 40k. Practically anything could happen in the 40k universe- your army could rule or slaughter billions of people without it impacting on the existing fluff, while that doesn't seem possible for fantasy. That means you have more freedom to create whatever you like with your faction while staying within the bounds of fluff

Also guys wearing fully enclosed suits of armour and carrying automatic weapons are cool. Carrying missile launchers and flamethrowers is cool. Having those guys in a tank is cool.

I was into those Fighting Fantasy books as a kid before I discovered Games Workshop, and much preferred the fantasy settings to the sci-fi ones, but for a tabletop game with miniatures I instantly gravitated to 40k. I think 40k stuff just seemed far more bad ass

Battman 05-29-13 01:43 PM

Personally in my experiences the cost is an extreme compaired to the standard 40k list, only horde armys come anywhere near to the same ammount of models. But also for me a lack of fantasy players anywhere nearby were also a factor, with few 40k and one or two fantasy players that i could easily find.

effigy22 05-29-13 03:26 PM

40k is for boys.
Fantasy is for men.

There are more boys than men in the scene :P

darkreever 05-29-13 04:12 PM

For my original gaming group 40k won out due to two major factors:

1. The much steeper learning curve, because while some 40k armies can be severely hamstrung with poor deployment, from what I recall it can all but guarantee a loss in fantasy.

2. The cost of a good sized fantasy army is much higher than that of a good sized 40k army, and thats something harder to deal with when you aren't making all to much while going to school.

Also, starting fantasy smack dab in the middle of hero-hammer was not the best in my opinion.

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