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Jacobite 05-28-13 09:21 PM

What stops you from painting?
So I'm very bad at motivating myself to paint and am very good at coming up with excuses, for example one of the main reasons I come up with is that my room, thanks to its position and large window gets like an oven sometimes and prevents me from painting due to the heat. Ironically today its the opposite problem and my fingers feel like ice. Got to get some done today though.

Anyway what is that you constantly find yourself using as an excuse not to paint?

OgreChubbs 05-28-13 10:28 PM

Me, the motivation is simple. Kids are sleeping wifey is out and I am alone in a house where if you burp the whole house wakes up. So I sit my butt down turn on a audio book "thank god for earphones" and paint lol. Or monster hunter but after 400+ hours that's slowin down :grin:

Sangus Bane 05-28-13 11:27 PM

The fact that I can cut up my bits and use them on even more construction projects usually keeps my focus away from painting.

Past week has been different though, painted well over 20 terminators and 2 Chaplains.
Mostly because I'm out of cash and thus can't buy anything to build.....

gothik 05-28-13 11:31 PM

a frozen shoulder and two young cats who think its fun after an hour to give me grief when my arm is already screaming at me to rest

projectda 05-29-13 03:20 AM

i dont think im too bad a painter, but im not as good as i would like. so it bums me out when i see something that i want to do, but am unable to. also the amount of time. for me to do 6 FW with just a few colours will take me hours over a few days. layer by layer i slowly lose my mind.

shaantitus 05-29-13 03:53 AM

I must admit I dont like painting. I am not very good at it, and i will usually prefer to be constructing and converting models rather than painting. But i am slowly getting there. In total i have only about 50 models left to complete. It might sound like a lot but I have about 600 painted, so I am nearing the point where I have painted all I own. So that is a bit of motivation. Usually though i do one color across a squad or two then i loose interest and then resort to violent computer games for the next few hours.

Kr00gZ 05-29-13 04:48 AM

Wife, kids, cats, friends, family, work. All the "big rocks". Painting is the sand that fills in the gaps. :)

gothik 05-29-13 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by Kr00gZ (Post 1376459)
Wife, kids, cats, friends, family, work. All the "big rocks". Painting is the sand that fills in the gaps. :)

we have four cats and a dog, the dog comes in has a look and goes out, the two older cats are out or snoozing it and the two younguns are in the room with me helping me paint...or rather getting up on the table and moving things around , up on the shelves......love my cats but those two can be really impish when they want to be

AwesomusPrime 05-29-13 01:51 PM

Mainly kids, but ironically painting stops me from painting. Currently I have, half painted, Dante, 10 Sanguinary Guard, Lamartes, about 7 GK Terminators, about 12 GK Marines, 2 Rhinos, 3 Razorbacks, a Landraider, a Storm Raven, a Chimera, 2 Baal Preds, 2 Vindicators, 10 Death Company, a Tau Crisis Suit Commander, and three Crisis Suits that I can remember off the top of my head. Oh and I just started some area terrain.

I've got a little bit of project ADD at the moment.

Tawa 05-29-13 02:38 PM

Work & Sleep mostly..... :lazy2:

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