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dirty-dog- 05-20-13 10:54 PM

Weird food your pet Eats?
What is something weird that your pet eats?

My pet dog, labrador/great dane loves chilli's, only feed him one every now and again.

an old dog of mine, Kelpie/border collie used to love eating bananas aswell :fool:

normtheunsavoury 05-20-13 11:06 PM

My rottie eats blackberries, not the phones, the fruit. She'll pick them off the bush on walks and gets angry when pulled away from them.

My staffie cross also eats chillies, it doesn't seem to bother her how hot they are, I think she bolts them down so fast I don't think they get a chance to burn.

Beaviz81 05-20-13 11:42 PM

My standard poodle liked to to eat soap-bars. That was quite odd, and she loved drinking water out of the toilet of course. I always teased my kid-brother about that she licked him just after she had drank water from the toilet. She also ate grass just to gulp it up later but that's normal for dogs.

DeathKlokk 05-21-13 02:49 AM

My Labrador eats peaches off of our patio peach tree and wasabi whenever we bring home sushi.

OIIIIIIO 05-21-13 02:51 AM

My cat likes celery, tomatoes, pork rinds, skittles, and Oreo creampie. What a fucking genetic misfire he is.
I stopped giving him our food because I really did not want to know what else that I ate that he thinks he should have.

Calistrasza 05-21-13 11:26 AM

My shepherd mix used to love baby carrots- not the big carrots, just the little ones.

bitsandkits 05-21-13 11:43 AM

my wife's Lab eats tea towels, socks,pants, money,sweetcorn cores,peach stones,tablets(medical)

and has had emergency surgery a record breaking 4 times to remove bowel obstructions, the vet said he should be dead and has refused to operate on him again, he has to wear a muzzel when hes alone.

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humakt 05-21-13 12:10 PM

Our dog will eat almost anything that resembles food. And most dogs won't eat tablets of any sort. Our dog thinks they are sweets I rekon as she will just accept them as if they are a treat.

Alsojames 05-21-13 12:47 PM

My pug/bulldog (I call him a pugabull) will eat pretty much anything. Paper towels, shoes, socks, cat shit.

But he won't eat dog treats for some reason.

Septok 05-21-13 04:51 PM

One of my cats is genuinely retarded in his palate. He eats anything except beef. Chocolate, potato, vegetables, fur, bread, puke, mint, you name it, he eats it. As long as it's not beef.

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