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Battman 05-20-13 10:37 AM

Old Broadsides Vs New Broadsides
Was pondering the other day after my slaughter at the hands of the new tau, what the general opinion is of using the old tau broadsides (either the crisis suit varients or the forge world ones) insted of the newer models? Which from what ive heard are dreadnaught sized. The difference in size is quite large. Do the tau players need to update? Or are you happy enough using the old models?

In the terms of true line of sight the old modela can allmost be obscured by a large bush, while the new ones would loom over the top. Is this an advantage not to update? Modeling to advantage?

As a side note is there other units which have been given new models should you use the newist sculpt? Even if you prefer the old?

Personally i dont have much of a proablem with this, do find it a bit advantageous to those who dont update but what can you do?

bitsandkits 05-20-13 11:22 AM

your looking at it all wrong, its not that the old ones have an advantage its that the new ones have a disadvantage....

its swings and roundabouts, anyone playing the game with half a brain will be looking to use cover to there own advantage no matter what model they need to hide or what size it is.

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Da Joka 05-20-13 05:11 PM

There is no rule about not being able to use old models. The only thing I can remember is that you have to use the base provided with said models.

That being said, every Tau player I know refuses to upgrade to the new Broadsides because it his harder to hide the bigger models in cover, or put them in ruins. Honestly I think the old Broadsides look like crap, but I will never get to see a new one fielded because all the Tau players I know don't want to pay money to "nerf" their Broadsides.

With way the people I know talk about it, I do feel they are "modeling" for an advantage. But there is nothing I can do. Personally I would prefer that everyone always used the newer models, no matter their size, I know I do. When the new Necron Wraiths came out I upgraded all of mine, despite the fact that they are nearly twice as tall as they where before.

Madden 05-20-13 05:44 PM

I don't update my models simply because of cost, why should I shell out a lot of cash for new models when the ones I've got are in one piece and are fine? Does it give an advantage? Maybe but replacing 9 broadsides at the current cost anit going to happen. (I don't play tourneys so it's not a prob for me though check with the organiser if you do).

Jacobite 05-20-13 08:56 PM

I wouldn't call it modelling for advantage at all. I'd call it buying some minis, then the design changes, then the none Tau player decides to be a dick and the Tau player is completely justified in packing up his minis and walking away without a single word.

You want me to go and buy the new kits, sure can I have your credit card then? I'm not paying to replace the kits I have bought assembled and painted. I mean FFS if the opposing player is going to be WAAC, that butthurt over it and that much of a fucking child I'll get a piece of paper and cut out a silhouette of the new ones and whenever they want to take a shot then I'll hold up it behind the older Broadside. I'll also call them a prick to their face and fight them on everything. Their measurements better be perfect, their knowledge of the rules impeccable and if even a single mini of theirs is converted to outside the norms of what a normally assembled mini would be then well they better get out the paper silhouettes as well. Fairs fair. It's those type of people who ruin the game.

Fallen 05-21-13 05:31 AM


Originally Posted by Jacobite (Post 1372648)
...It's those type of people who ruin the game.


Archon Dan 05-21-13 05:41 AM

I agree with Jacobite and Fallen. Somebody forcing you to get new stuff would ruin the game. I know somebody who has the old Terminators(on smaller bases). Sure, they are harder to see but have trouble seeing themselves. Plus, those smaller bases reduce their threat range. There is nothing wrong with using old models for whatever reason you don't want/can't update. That said, it would be dickish to jump on an updated army bandwagon and hunt down the "classic" models because they can give you an advantage.

dirty-dog- 05-21-13 06:36 AM

in terms of the termi's, i dont mind the old smaller ones, aslong as they are based on 40mm bases, as this does make a difference in combat (with me playing orks)

with 40mm bases i can get at least 2 orks into combat, whereas the old 25mm ones i can only get one.

lets say there is a squad of 5 termis, vs 30 orks, on 25mm base i could fit maybe 6 into base combat (theoretically) whereas with with 40mm i could fit 12. having 12 in base contact means more will be within the 2" to be able to fight. and when ork boys charge at 4attacks each, you could imagine the difference it can make.


The only thing I can remember is that you have to use the base provided with Current models.

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