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him_15 05-16-13 02:15 PM

The colors of insulation foam?
Dear all, this forum seems to be a good place to ask question as people are so kind for helping, so i decide to ask more that no one could answer me before.
As title, after solving the MDF issue I would like to jump to the foam part, I would like to know what is the different between different insulation foam color (such as pink, white, blue, etc.), and which is the best for making scenery? GW seems to be using pink foam a lot, is that the most suitable foam for such task? THANK YOU GUYS! :grin:

him_15 05-19-13 12:20 PM


normtheunsavoury 05-19-13 01:30 PM

I think the pink and blue foam are pretty much the same stuff, just a different colour, they're both extruded polystyrene foam, one may be slightly denser than the other?

White foam is expanded polystyrene, its the same stuff they make packaging out of, its not bad for building scenery but its not as tough and durable as the extruded variety but is more easily available.

Keep in mind that with all of these materials solvents in spray paint and some glues will melt them, depending on what you're doing this can be a good or a bad thing, you can use PVA glue to protect surfaces or you can use other materials. I use a mix of PVA and filler to paint over stuff, it sets rock hard,seals and textures the surface and is cheap as hell too!

dirty-dog- 05-19-13 09:28 PM

Pretty sure the different coloured xps (extruded polystyrene foam) are just different manufacturers.

compared to the stuff in new zealand though, its denser by the looks.

Snoopdeville3 07-09-13 10:44 PM

make sure the one u buy isnt the mold/corrosion/fire proof or u will be spending extra money for nothing.

Matcap 07-10-13 06:42 AM

Yeah I too think the colour difference is down to manufacturers. I have a batch of blue and a batch of yellow foam sitting here.

Djinn24 07-10-13 07:02 AM

No I always use blue as it is what is generally available. The stuff is harder to but then white foam but much denser.

I happened to have been sponsored by hot wire foam factory at one point and loved a product that they made that caused white foam to become almost hard as a rock. They had two formulas, one that was more flexible and another that was rigid. Great for making scenery that world last. After it was coated you could even paint it, sand it. Etc. Was some really awesome stuff. Their cutters are also very nice.

Their site is www.hwff.com.

chromedog 08-31-13 07:03 AM

At least here, the difference between the blue, pink and yellow is that the yellow is extruded polyurethane foam, while the blue and pink are extruded higher density polystyrene. Blue is the higher density stuff here (and not much call for it outside of the mountain regions where it gets cold enough to snow).

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