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humakt 05-16-13 08:54 AM

Humakt becomes a Firedragon
OK, so after seeing some very cool Marine cosplay I decided that I would like the challenge of making my own cosplay outfit. Not because I want to wear it to work, but mainly for the challenge.

So I have decided to make a full suit of fire dragon armour. I have been unable to find a unfold for pepakura for the main suit so I will need to create some obj files in blender. I considered and discarded the idea of getting some DOW files, as what ever I get will need to be modified for my size anyway.

I think it will be easier to just start the files from scratch. Anyway I will be getting on with these the beginning of next month once we have the new Eldar model range, just in case of any changes to the current firedragons.

VanAlberict 05-16-13 10:46 AM

im right there with ya...

thinking im going to try to do a WoC armor getting it done won't be hard... doing it right will be

revilo44 05-16-13 03:59 PM

Can't wait to this dude you should wear it to games day in 2014

Vaz 05-17-13 12:25 AM

Just make sure you get some Sex before you wear it. Rumours suggest that in 6th edition, Fire Dragons have a 2++ Invulnerable against Flamers, Melta's and other hot things like Chickaa's.

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humakt 05-17-13 06:39 AM

I already have this stat Vaz without any Firedragon armour. However I'm sure my wife will be more than pleased if I do not attract any ladies with my 'sexy' Eldar suit.

Vaz 05-17-13 09:05 AM

DeathKlokk 05-17-13 12:16 PM

A Wolfpack of One, that's you Vaz!

humakt 05-20-13 06:37 AM

I made some good progress over the weekend. I actually decided to start early. I figured there woull not be too much changed style wise if there are new dragons so I created a simple mesh for one of the greaves. I created a fold-out and built it out of paper, but it was scaled incorrectly. I could see some problems with the design though so had to go back to blender.

After a bit of adjustment to the mesh, I created a new fold out and then made a new construct (I'm sure working with wraith bone would be easier). The thick card was hard to cut and fold, so will go for thinner card next time. I have almost completed the glueing together, so will have a picture later today. Here is an image of the first greave. I have removed the back panel to allow it to be actually put on. I will make sure there is an attachable rear piece so it looks correct.


Sethis 05-20-13 06:39 PM

Oh, very nice greave! If you could upload the pep files once you're done it could potentially help a lot with some elements of my farseer design. :)

Why the choice of Fire Dragon, just out of curiosity?

humakt 05-21-13 06:16 AM

I don't know why I chose Fire dragon to be honest, but at this early stage I could always change my mind. The greave is completed, but I am far from happy with it. The finished result is woder at the back and this has worked out to be beneficial in that my calf is thicker than I thought, but the lowest point that dips down is no too far forward.

So a little more adjustment, plus some work needed in pulling the rear plate forward. I also think I will need to add a couple of loops holes to allow me to have some velcro straps inside the plate to hold it in place.

Yes Sethis, once I am happy with the file you are welcome to a copy, although Im not sure how good a pap file it is as its only my first one.

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