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Storm of Iron 05-13-13 11:13 AM

Deathwing Colour scheme
Pretty much self explanatory, as the title suggests. After getting the DV set and painting up the chaos 1/2 I decided I'd bite the bullet so to speak and start a Deathwing/DA army got the codex etc. I have about 1200 pts worth at the moment and whilst browsing the internet heresy for tutorials on "how to paint Deathwing" I stumbled across many variations.

I am unsure however which route to go down as I like the bone colour schemes but then again I also like the off-white ones, that seem to be in the minority. I guess the only really way to see which I like better is to do a test mini which is fine for the bone colour scheme. But I have no idea how I would set about doing a "dirty/off-white"colour scheme so any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated. Also if you could recommend any paints for the off-white scheme it would be of much help.

Thanks in advance, SoI

dirty-dog- 05-13-13 11:30 AM

I Start with a brown tone, such as the old scorched brown, followed by succesive layes upto bone white, i used vellejo for that as it was alot smoother than the gw one.

i find it hard getting a good look with washes when it comes to painting white and off white colours, but you could try skull white primer then a sepia wash, followed by bone white highlights etc if your looking for a quick and dirty approach.

Storm of Iron 05-14-13 12:02 PM

Thanks for the quick response Dirty-Dog due to work commitments not been able to get much done but on holiday now so got2-3 days of painting before I fly out to France, got all models primed and found a scheme I'm happy with using screaming skull, sepia wash and progressing through (hopefully) to an almost white bone colour.

One thing struck me as I was 1/2 way through painting my Librarian in the Deathwing scheme, do all Librarians have to wear the blue armor as I have only ever been used to painting CSM and before I progress any further with him I would like to know one way or another, I know I should have checked before painting but that would have meant I'd be using common sense ><

Once again thanks in advance, SoI

Kr00gZ 05-27-13 06:08 AM

They don't *have* to, but according to fluff, all libbies are blue with right shoulder (and kneepad?) your chapter's colours.

My DA Terminator Libby is blue (like ultramarines) with Caliban green shoulder and kneepad and cloak.

elmir 05-27-13 11:44 AM

I went the different route to dirty dog.

I start off with a basecoat of bone, sprayed from the top with white and then darkened with washes again. The washes will make the pure white sprayed on top got a bit more "bone" like, while previous bone will end up looking more medium brown.

Pro-tip: mix about 50/50 satin varnish from vallejo into agrax earthshade. It'll improve the flow immensely AND will make it less stark constrast (except for the most heavy pooling, wich will only happen in the deepest recesses that way).

You can still highlight that back up to bone-offwhite or even pure white as you see fit. If you spray a model from the top down, it'll also help you "see" where the highlights have to go before you apply them.

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