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Jacobite 05-13-13 06:37 AM

Alternative Wheels for Arty?
So I think that the IG range has pretty good, varity wise if you are wanting to spend the money you can get a nice force thats not necessarily Cadian or Catachan. Combine that with FW and you have lots of options. However the varity of heavy weapons teams is severally lacking and the heavy weapons teams that are available must be mini space marines as the size of the weapons is beyond a joke!

In an effort to make the weapons a little more believable as being portable I'm looking at possibly doing gun carraiges. The problem is the wheels, GW doesn't really have any wagon wheels available easily (that and decently sized round sheilds). Does anybody know of any similer to these available via 3rd party?


or these:



dirty-dog- 05-13-13 07:39 AM

i got these off a set of toy trucks:

im going to make a mould and cast them because i need plenty more so if your interested i could sort something out, want to get back into casting things again.


the_barwn 05-13-13 10:47 PM

Have you considered these from Ebay??


Jacobite 05-14-13 10:31 AM

@dirty-dog: That kind of stuff is an option but I was more thinking of the full on 18th century style rather than the WW2 Russian.

@the_barwn: I did consider something like that but they are quite wide, teh axles stick out something chronic! I also considered using these:


But with a wide rim like on the Ork guns and not the black rubber.

VanAlberict 05-14-13 11:38 AM

if you can find them lego has some old wooden wheels that might fit the bill from their western collection... been out of production a while and used to have some the only problem i see with them is theyre a little flimsy when put under a lot of torque from odd angles (snapped a few spokes when stepped on one long ago)

Deneris 05-14-13 12:04 PM

These look rather good, and you get quite a few per sprue...


19th-20th Century Wagon Wheels

Jacobite 05-14-13 09:12 PM

Are those laser cut fibreboard? That's... an interesting material. Still for that price they would be worth a shot.

Words_of_Truth 05-14-13 09:59 PM

The old metal cadian heavy weapon teams had wheels on, I used them to make my squat heavy weapons team.


Have you considered the front wheels of Ork Wartrakks?


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