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normtheunsavoury 05-08-13 06:58 AM

What if you were PROVED wrong?
To all the religious and non religious/agnostic/atheists on Heresy, what would you do, how would you react if your beliefs were proved to be wrong?

Hypothetically, something happens, something earth shattering that proves there either is or is not a God (depending on your starting point) this thing is beyond doubt, there is no way to argue, no wiggle room and no way anyone other than a complete idiot could claim anything but the obvious.

How would you react, how would you live the rest of your life, would it affect you in a positive or negative way? Would it affect your moral outlook, would it affect how you treat other people?

Magpie_Oz 05-08-13 07:20 AM

I honestly don't think I would change much.

Be sort of "oh ok well how about that there is/isn't a God" ..... carry on as normal.

Serpion5 05-08-13 07:21 AM

I start on the skeptical agnostic side I guess.

If God was proved to exist it would be kind of a culture shock to me and most of the people I know and respect.

I wouldn't run off and convert at the nearest church though, not by a long shot. As far as I'm concerned he's still an amoral tyrant undeserving of the reverence he receives. That's just me though.

Also, I'd be pretty devastated that Eris doesn't exist. :cray:

bitsandkits 05-08-13 07:22 AM

I suppose it would depend on what "god" wanted and how much he intended to interfere with my life, if it was business as usual but we happen to have proven that he exists beyond doubt then i wouldnt suddenly change to begin worshipping "him/her" just because the situation changed.

I think this question would have far more impact for those who are worshippers, In my opinion i think science has proven that "god" as we understand it doesnt exist or is a man made idea and that religion in its various forms is just humans controlling humans for the benefit of the few.

I also believe that if god was proven not to exist beyond any doubt the world would erupt into chaos,i think there are many nations and peoples who need religion to function,if you take away the guidance and support and structure that the various major churches give to these people they would either fail or erupt.

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arlins 05-08-13 07:44 AM

pretty much what bits says

it all depends on his level of interference , is he gonna throw rocks through my windows if i dont follow his edicts or is he gonna go old testament and its pillar of salt with plague of frogs on the side time .
Or is he gonna be , whatever take your time , see what you want to do .

xNoPityx 05-08-13 07:51 AM

Depends on what I'm required to do. If I had to give up alcohol then I'd gladly go to whatever hell this new god thought up.

Haskanael 05-08-13 08:11 AM

carry on as normal.

Jacobite 05-08-13 08:13 AM

If the christian God were proven to exist I would be doing some major soul searching and asking "so you are real? why are you such a bastard then?". No idea where that conversation would go but the results would form the basis of whatever new belief system I then took on.

GrizBe 05-08-13 08:31 AM

Pretty much what Bits said.

I'd carry on as normal. As someone who believes in science, yet knows there is a possibility of something beyond our understanding that we can't explain yet that could be a 'God' of sorts, proof either way changes nothing really.

If he was proved to not exist, nothing really change and the world just rolls on as it always has. You'll still have the religious nutjobs claiming its all a lie and he really does exist and all the other dickery that goes with it...

Proove he exists however and what.... Basically we've got some big beard in the sky who's pretty much allowed humanity to ruin the planet, commit mass murder and gernerally be assholes to everyone for millennia. I should support and listen to him why? And if he does go all old school biblical everyones just gonna say 'wheres that free will stuff you talked about?'. And because of that I could see people trying to find a way to kill god, which take it back to him not existing...

So yeah.. status quo. I don't think anything would change.

Boc 05-08-13 08:53 AM

From the atheist side of the house it would be slightly worrisome to be proven wrong. I'd probably quit smoking in order to prolong my life to make sure that I'd have a chance to make up for all the fucked up things I've done :laugh:

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