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WisemanT 05-03-13 05:17 AM

Newbie Guard – Need Help for 1k & 2.5k pts Lists.
Greetings & Salutations

I'm attempting to build a new list from existing models to face the following abominations... Chaos Space Marines & Tyranid Infestations on Fallen Imperial Worlds, primairly Urban Setting, 6' x 8' playing field. 1k & 2.5k pts limits. Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Having an especially hard time adapting from fighting Tau, Rebel Imperial Catchan forces & Orks to fighting disciples of Khorne!

I have the following units to choose from...

1x Commander Creed
1x Lord Commissar
1x Marbo
1x Regimental Advisors (Astropath, Fleet Cmdr, Ordinance)
3x Commissar
2x Engineseer
2x Ministorum Priest
3x CMD Squad
1x Psy Squad (5x Sanctioned, 1x Overseer)
1x Vendetta
4x Chimera
2x Veteran Squads (melta x3)
2x Veteran Squads (plasma x3)
4x Infantry Squads (Sniper x2, grenade launcher, flamer)
3x Special Weapon Squads (melta x3, flamer x3, grenade launcher)
4x Heavy Weapon Squads (hvy bolter x3, LC x3, auto x2, mortar x2, rpg x2)
4x Armored Sentinels (plasma x2, lascanon x2)
2x LRBT Vanquisher (2x Plasma, Lascannon)
1x LRBT Executioner (2x Plasma, Lascannon)
1x LRBT Eradicator (2x Plasma, Lascannon)
1x LRBT (2x Multi-Melta, Lascannon)
2x Manticore
1x Hydralisk
1x Colossus

Blood Angels, Captain & Assault Squad (x9+Sgt)
Sisters of Battle, Sainte Celestine & Sisters of Battle (x9+Superior)
Grey Knight, Captain & Strike Squad (x5)


JAMOB 05-03-13 01:12 PM

I would go with (roughly) an infantry platoon of 4 squads all with autocannons and flamers, a squad or two of veterans, marbo, 2-3 leman russes and your lord commissar. I'm not siure where that would be on points and cna't check as I haev to run, but it seems fairly balanced (especially if you give the vets meltas). GLHF mate!

WisemanT 05-03-13 04:37 PM

Thanks for the Imput Jacomb. It roughly comes up as 1090 pts on Battlescribe. I usually go for Hammer & Anvil Approach, but given the playing field, a lot of obstacles, difficult line of sight, fair amount of cover & lanes of approach to objective limits effective firing lines. Deploying armour & chimera has been especially challenging. Been using lots & lots of FIRE against those melee units & prayer. Reaching target/objective & holding it has also become quite the chore with a foot slogging army against Heavy Melee Infantry or Fast Hording Foes. I'm Open to alternatives on how to deal with my enemies with a 1k IG list :S with 2.5k pts I have faired only slightly better.

- - - - HQ (140pts) - - - -
Lord Commissar

- - - - Elites (65pts) - - - -
Guardsman Marbo

- - - -Troops (460pts) - - - -

Platoon Command Squad
Autocannon, Platoon Commander
Infantry Platoon
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad

Veteran Squad + 6x Lasgun, 3x Meltagun
Veteran Sergeant - Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol

Veteran Squad +6x Lasgun, 3x Meltagun
Veteran Sergeant - Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol

- - - - Leman Russ Squadron (475pts) - - - -

Leman Russ Executioner
+Lascannon, Pintle Storm Bolter, Plasma Cannons

Leman Russ Vanquisher
+Lascannon, Pintle Storm Bolter, Plasma Cannons

JAMOB 05-03-13 07:10 PM

Make sure you get rid of those individual point values, for the upgrades - against forum rules and GW policy.


If you want to cut down points you can either drop an infantry squad, or you can drop some upgrades on the tanks. Now, I would like to say I haven't been playing IG long, but a couple tanks supported by lots of guardsmen is definitely a big threat to most armies. at 2.5k you could basically just double other than vets and add vendettas, but I would look for some lists that are already on here.

BornCanEmo 05-03-13 09:50 PM

Ok, so you said you have an issue in getting to objectives and line of sight. IMO you should ALWAYS have a CCS when you are playing anything remotely close blob or gunline Guard. Creed would be a good choice for this as he has access to all the basic orders, can give 4 orders a turn, and he has a special order that makes them Fearless and have Furious Charge, which with the Fearless makes Commissars pretty useless. If you want to mix both gunline and fast moving, I would get a Defense line, put the infantry squads and the HWS behind it, and have 3 Vet squads in Chimeras with all 3 with Plasma if you can for Chaos and all 2:1 for Flamer/Plasma for Tyranid, as the flamers will just roast any nids and the plasma will be for any Monstrous Creatures. Idk what type of Chaos you go against but if there is armour in it, then put 2:1 for Plasma/Melta and that will deal with heavy infantry with plasma and melta for any irritating vehicles :) Also, the vets would be able to grab quickly any objectives in there Chimeras. But you seem to have quite a wide selection to deal with Chaos and/or Nids. Just remember, low ap is good against Heavy Infantry and sheer fire if excellent against nids, and decent against Chaos. Also that list comes to about 1100pts, but I just roughing it

Straken's_Fist 05-04-13 02:45 AM

I'd go:

x40 blob, autocannons, flamers/grenade launchers, commissar.

2 or 3 Chimera vets, meltaguns, maybe demolitions.


Leman Russ Executioner.

Naked PCS in Vendetta for late game objective grabbing.


Astropath useful but not essential.

I'd take a basic CCS. Creed only useful if you are taking leman's to outflank to be honest, in which case he can be absolutely deadly :)

Creed also a beast if you are going gunline: x4 orders to twin-link x4 heavy weapons squads, or x2 blobs and x2 heavy weapon squads...or x4 blobs...And FRFSRF...Amazing. But you have to have the right type of list to warrant his inclusion.

Creed and Straken lists with Al'Ahrem (or whatever his name is - sorry, I just got back from the pub!) can be hilarious, because then you are ouflanking a squad of leman russ's and a whole platoon, with straken giving blobs furious charge and counter-attack (better used for counter-attack in 6th due to the FC nerf...So defensively on objectives)...But I digress.

Just remember hammer and anvil requires a decent 'anvil': tarpits, aka blobs. And the other units providing the hammer need to be mobile and offensive. So blob (or two), plus chimeravets, leman russ's, hellhound variants if you are into them, etc...It's also a very good idea to take artillery: Manticore, Medusa etc.

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