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jd579 04-29-13 07:30 PM

Jet Packs
Simple question, do jet packs mean I can move 12 inches in the movement phase, it doesn't really say anything about distance in the rules entry, just that I move 2d6 in the assault phase?

kickboxerdog 04-29-13 07:36 PM

from the way i read it u move 6" as normal in movement phase and can move 2d6 in assult phase instead of assaulting

jd579 04-29-13 07:46 PM

Yeah same here, thats a bit :(!

arlins 04-29-13 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by jd579 (Post 1363484)
Yeah same here, thats a bit :(!

so the fact you can move , fire then move 2d6 inany direction in the assault phase makes you sad ??

its a Tau tactic , its gonna keep you out of CC and if theterrains right
out of shot .
id rather have that than jump packs ( for tau ) ;)

Creon 04-30-13 03:14 PM

Jump packs move 6" in the movement phase, ignoring intervening models and terrain, treating their landing point as dangerous if it is difficult or dangerous, and can move 2d6" in the assault phase, again ignoring intervening models. This is very good for the *pop out, fire, pop back* of Tau. Who are the only current users of Jetpacks, I believe.

Vaz 04-30-13 03:20 PM

Eldar and Dark Eldar have them on Bikes, as do Legion Space Marines (and Sammael). They are "Jetbikes". looking through the Daemons Summary, the Blue Scribes, Screamers, and Plaguedrones are all Jetpack units (although only Blue Scribes and Plaguedrones are specifically Jetpack *Unit Type*).

@Creon, there is a difference between Jump *Unit Type* and Jetpack *Infantry type*

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Creon 04-30-13 03:35 PM

I don't guarantee my memory is always right, but Jetbikes are different than jetpacks. Some added rules.

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