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viking blood 04-18-13 10:05 PM

pulled back into chaos
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Well, my wood elves are burning me out, so i gots me one of the new plastic chaos lords. Pretty epic model and so far a charm to paint.

At the moment i just finished the cape and his sword. Unsure as to the color scheme of the armor. Hope you guys like so far and any critismism or any of that jazz is welcome

Attachment 959938890

From a black primer i base coated with khorne red, washed with fleshshade and started highlighting up to evil sunz red. Finally i glazed it with bloodletter and the new blue glaze.
The scabbard was rinox hide covererd by one of the new browns, never thought to read what color it was, followed by a earthshade and sepia wash. The metal started from tin bitz up to its respective colors, again with earthshade and sepia washes before a final hightlight.

Ill try to remember my colors on my next post

Khorne's Fist 04-18-13 10:37 PM

Nice depth in the cloak. What God are you leaning towards, or is the red of the cloak indicating Khorne?

viking blood 04-18-13 11:01 PM

Undecided on what god im going with. Just thought a chaos lord should have the most vivid colored cape out of the whole army. A sign of their rank so to speak.

VanAlberict 04-19-13 12:39 AM

looking forward to seeing the progress on them

viking blood 04-19-13 06:28 PM

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Ok, its coming along. Personally, im not sure about the armor, its either crappy painting on my part, or just the wrong color. Gonna try a glaze of some sort to see if it smooths out a lil.
Attachment 959938897

Attachment 959938898

Attachment 959938899

viking blood 04-20-13 03:16 AM

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Well, comin together.
Attachment 959938900

viking blood 04-23-13 03:58 PM

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Still havent finished off the chaos lords blade. Wondering what im gonna do with it.
Decided instead to move on to a maurader standard bearer just for kicks.

Attachment 959938927

Attachment 959938928

Attachment 959938929

Attachment 959938930

When its finished ill post up somemore. Im not the best painter but im pleased with how these have turned out.

viking blood 04-24-13 03:49 AM

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So.....im gonna call him finished.

Attachment 959938931

Attachment 959938932

Attachment 959938933


VanAlberict 04-24-13 04:24 AM

im diggin it... nurgle? or just like the color?

viking blood 04-24-13 04:32 AM

Just liked the colors, has a more primitve viking look to it.

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