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CE5511 05-16-13 07:00 PM

Thanks for the comments Routine :) But im just playing the statistics game really. There isnt to much special about what I do

spanner94ezekiel 05-19-13 07:01 PM

Just a quick heads up: Sorry, but I didn't have time to roll the Semi's and Final this weekend because I have exams this week. However, I can get it done by the end of this Friday. Just so people don't think I've randomly abandoned this.

spanner94ezekiel 05-24-13 10:11 AM

Well Heretics - here are the results for the Semi-Finals.

Semi-final 1:
CE5511 vs Filler #2

The opening salvo from the Ion Accelerator deals a meagre three wounds to the Templars, taking out three Bolter-armed Initiates. Return fire however does no damage to the hulking battlesuit. The second fullisade from the Riptide does four wounds, this time dropping both the Meltagun and Missile Launcher. Once again, return fire causes no wounds. The third shot goes astray, and a double fail from the TL Fusion Blaster allows the Crusaders an opening, inflicting two wounds with their bolters. However, the Tau pilot gets his shit together and nukes the remaining five.

CE511 moves on to the Final.

Semi-final 2:
Archon Dan vs LTKage

A nasty match-up here for both sides, with the armour-ignoring damage of the Fusion Guns versus the plentitude of AP4 from the Gauss weaponry. This takes its toll in the opening turn with the Fire Dragons inflicting a massive seven wounds (though the Dragon's Breath Flamer fails to inflict any wounds). Despite this, return fire from the Immortals absolutely shreds the Eldar, their T3 and 4+ armour being their downfall against the anti-infantry Gauss Blasters.

Archon Dan moves on.

__________________________________________________ _______________

And now the play-off for third place...

Third Place Playoff
LTKage vs Filler #2:

Once again, both sides deal massive damage in their first turns. The Dragons inflict a massive nine wounds on the Templars, but amazingly fail to kill either the Missile Launcher or the Meltagun. Return fire is equally deadly, as the Templars reduce the Eldar to one Fusion Gunner and a wounded Exarch. Both sides trade a wound, losing the Fusion Gun for the Missile Launcher. However, the Flamer fails at the last hurdle, and the Exarch is slain.

It's Final time!

CE5511 vs Archon Dan:

So we have the Riptide Battlesuit which has been absolutely lethal in the previous rounds, facing up against the implacable Necron Immortals.

Opening shots from both sides are fairly disappointing - the Ion Accelerator cleanly misses, leaving only one wound to be inflicted with the Fusion Blaster, while the Immortals scrape a return wound off the Riptide, but their downed Immortal does not reanimate. The second turn is more exciting with the Tau this time inflicting four wounds, in return for another from the Gauss Blasters. Two Immortals reanimate. And now comes the combo-breaker. The Riptide rolls a 6 to hit with its Ion Accelerator, meaning an instant 10 hits - killing the entire squad. It's now up against the wire for Archon Dan, as his Immortals inflict a further wound before they're removed as casualties - will the Cryptek pass his Ever-living roll?

__________________________________________________ _______________

And so here are the final standings for this game:

1. CE5511
2. Archon Dan
3. Filler #2
4. LTKage

A massive well done to CE5511 for winning, and also to Archon Dan and LTKage for making the final four. I shall endeavour to make more filler units like that Crusader one just to make things trickier for you guys - and let no one say that the Black Templars have a sub-par codex! These standings will be taken into account when the Hall of Fame rankings are finally developed (still WIP), and I'll see you guys in the next game.

Spanner out.

CE5511 05-24-13 03:32 PM

Great game Archon and LTKage! Thanks for another game spanner! I really liked how you mixed up the fillers, that made it more interesting!

Archon Dan 05-24-13 09:18 PM

Congratulations CE5511 on taking first place. I won't deny I'm disappointed on not winning, but I'll take second for my first attempt. Hoping the next game comes soon. Thanks Spanner.

Routine 05-24-13 09:35 PM

Called it!

Congrats CE5511, Archon Dan, and Lt Kage on an excellent game, and to Spanner for both setting up a fun UUG and whooping my ass with one of his fillers!

Bring on the next one:grin:

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