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spanner94ezekiel 05-04-13 09:15 AM

I'm guessing not - was it email or PM?

Jace of Ultramar 05-04-13 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by spanner94ezekiel (Post 1364949)
I'm guessing not - was it email or PM?

I'm guessing not either. It was international, overnight, next day delivery. I knew I shouldn't trust the post office to send bribes.

CE5511 05-04-13 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by Jace of Ultramar (Post 1364989)
I'm guessing not either. It was international, overnight, next day delivery. I knew I shouldn't trust the post office to send bribes.

Cant trust those mail men. I sent a 12 pack, some 7up, and strippers overnight delivery! He never recieved them either :cray:

spanner94ezekiel 05-04-13 08:27 PM

Oh no, I received them alright... :crazy:

That is- er... um... yeh.


spanner94ezekiel 05-05-13 02:26 PM

Aha! Yes, I've finally gotten around to rolling those matches for round 1 - so here we are...

Karnax vs Filler #3

The Demolisher Cannon of the Leman Russ, on paper should make light work of the paper-thin Hornets. However, poor rolling on the damage table draws this one out, with Shaken result after Shaken reccurring time and again. Finally, they are slowly whittled down, though the Russ loses two Hull Points in the process.

Karnax moves on.

Zodd vs Filler #1

Again, a fairly unbalanced match up for the Eldar, which the Predator demonstrates in its opening volley, shredding the Scatter Laser off one, and glancing two of the others. The Vypers can only inflict two glances over the turns as they disintegrate under the weight of fire.

Zodd moves on.

routine vs The Sturk

The Triarch Stalker manages to inflict a solitary wound from its flamer, before being nuked shortly by the Infantry squad.

routine moves on.

Filler #2 vs Iniquity

The Keeper of Secrets gets lucky and rolls Corrosive Breath for its Lesser Reward. Initially the fight swings in the favour of the Crusaders, who manage to bring the Keeper down to its last wound, though taking heavy casualties in the process as they lose momentum. The Daemon then makes a bit of a boo-boo and Perils on its Psychic Test for Psychic Shriek - a double 1. So in its final throes it manages to take out the final Crusaders...


This time the match is nowhere near as close, as the Greater Daemon is nowhere near as lucky, and is finished off in short order.

Filler #2 moves on.

MetalHandkerchief vs returnoftheclown

Oh dear. Oh deary, deary me. That poor Defiler probably had it coming with all that death and destruction it committed over the years in service to the Dark Gods. All brought to an end by a single Fusion Blaster shot.

MetalHandkerchief moves on.

Filler #8 vs High_Seraph

Those Missile Launchers prove mighty useful as a Shield Drone and Shas'ui are dropped instantly, with the bolters adding another Suit to the corpse pile. Return fire is substantial, but insufficient, inflicting 4 wounds (but luckily no Launchers). The Shas'vre is finished off the next turn in return for another two wounds.

High_Seraph moves on.

Silens vs LTKage

The first exchange is a 4 for 3 affair in favour of the Fire Dragons, with 2 Crypteks reanimating at the end of the phase. The Crypteks slay 5 Dragons over this turn and the next, but are quickly wiped out in the second turn by those unforgiving melta weapons.

LTKage moves on.

MidnightSun vs Filler #4

A nasty matchup for the Dark Angels here, and it shows. in the opening volley the Apothecary and both Meltagunners are taken out, in return for four wounds. The Plasmagunners manage to hold out and inflict another 4 wounds before being overrun by superior numbers.

Filler #4 moves on.


Ergh. This was not fun to roll. After approximately Ican'tfuckingrememberhowlong,itwasthatbad, I looked like this:


Oh, and Boc had finally managed to inflict some wounds and kill the damn Obliterators. Bloody Reanimation Protocols, making rounds go on forever...

*mumbles* *muttering*

Boc moves on.

Biellan vs Archon Dan

This was much quicker, as although the War Walkers inflict a decent amount of damage (four wounds), the Necrons blaze their way through and onto the next round.

Archon Dan moves on.

Romero's Own vs Jace of Ultramar

Now this probably would have been pretty even. If it were not again for Reanimation Protocols. The Sternguard all hit with their meltas in turn one, inflicting 5 wounds, but suffer three in return. Then the sustain begins to take its toll, as the Astartes simply cannot outlast the Necrons who grind them down.

Romero's Own moves on.

Stephen_Newman vs CattleBruiser

Again, a rather nasty matchup, this time for the Dark Eldar it would seem, as they are wiped out in that first round of shooting, only managing to inflict six wounds in return.

CattleBruiser moves on.

CE5511 vs Filler #5

Well if you thought the previous game was quick, take a gander at this one. The Riptide annihilates the Legionnaires in one shot from its Ion Accelerator.

CE5511 moves on.

Grokfog vs Warsmith7752

Although the Dark Eldar manage to inflict a nice four wounds onto the Noise Marines, the Sonic Blasters really pull their weight as the return fire inflicts an impressive 16 wounds on the Dark Eldar. Without their weight of fire, they cannot inflict the damage they need, and are easily mopped up by the Slaaneshi.

Warsmith7752 moves on.

Filler #7 vs the Meddler

Not a long fight once more, as the meltagun Acolytes make short work of the Speeders, and with only the loss of the Hot Shot Acolytes from the Heavy Flamers.

The Meddler moves on.

Iron Angel vs Filler #6

The Elysians boast significant firepower, and this takes its toll on the Immortals, inflicting 6 wounds. Return fire however is more effective, stripping the squad down to just its Sergeant, who is polished off next turn.

Iron Angel moves on.

__________________________________________________ _____________

And so, the match ups for round 2:

Iron Angel vs CE5511

The Meddler vs CattleBruiser

Boc vs Warsmith7752

Archon Dan vs Romero's Own

Filler #2 vs MetalHandkerchief

routine vs Karnax

Zodd vs Filler #4

LTKage vs High_Seraph

So I should have this all done and rolled by the same time next week. Well done to all those who got through and commiserations to those who didn't!

Grokfog 05-05-13 03:14 PM

Like I said, bad matchup for me. Well, congratulations Warsmith, and everyone else that got through the first round :)

Jace of Ultramar 05-05-13 03:18 PM

Congrats to those moving on.

This makes twice in the first round that I've gotten knocked out on round one. I'm going to start fielding something much better, like Blackjack and hookers... you know what, forget the blackjack.


MetalHandkerchief 05-05-13 03:57 PM

Oh wow. returnoftheclown, I feel sorry for that round. You could literally have come up against almost anyone else and done well for yourself. I feel like a robber :security:

Of course I'm still happy to move on :)

Up against power armour next round though... Remember to put my precision shots (if any) on that melta and missile, Spanner :P

Archon Dan 05-05-13 04:05 PM

My condolences to the widows/widowers of those Eldar pilots.

Immortals vs Immortals? What madness is this!?
Good luck to my honourable opponent. I'm just going to go over here and NOT deploy my Wraiths.

Routine 05-05-13 04:27 PM

A Demolisher Russ? Crap...

Oh well, at least I got through!

Good luck in the next round Karnax!

Romero's Own 05-05-13 05:21 PM

Condolences to Jace for missing out this turn. Sounds like Reanimation Protocols were your downfall.

Good luck to Archon Dan for the coming round. May the best unit win. Hang on a second.....

High_Seraph 05-05-13 07:14 PM

Yay got though the first round! Condolences there Jace. Maybe the next next time?

Karnax 05-05-13 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by Routine (Post 1365282)
A Demolisher Russ? Crap...

Oh well, at least I got through!

Good luck in the next round Karnax!

Yeah I do have an advantage this round, though it will really come down to whether or not I can kill your meltagunner before it kills me.

Good luck to you too (you probably need it more :grin:).

Iron Angel 05-05-13 10:24 PM



LTKage is using non-dark Eldar?

What manner of twilight zone is this?

LTKage 05-06-13 06:46 AM

Arthureon crouched, listening intently for signs of movement ahead, before motioning his warriors forward. The Fire Dragons were close to the core of the catacombs. He could distantly hear the whining of Shuriken Catapults and the hate filled cries of the warhost in the distance. The Autarch and his Seer Council had specifically selected Arthureon and his students to destroy the heart of the Necron tomb.

Though his blood boiled at the thought skulking around like some Striking Scorpion, Arthureon knew from his many lifetimes worth of experience that the wisdom of Autarch and the witch sight of his Farseers and Warlocks a far better guide than his overweening pride. Focusing his rage-filled spirit, the Exarch sought master this unnatural turn of events by focusing on the slaughter that Khaine bequeathed to his Temple.

Cautiously, the Eldar passed hundreds of deactivated Necrons. The Fire Dragons placed powerful secondary charges that would cripple the facility once the main generator went critical. Lost to their warmasks, the Eldar under Arthureon's command gave gave no voice to their fear nor exhibited any of the telltale signs of dread that affected the craftworld's citizen militia. Do or die, their lives were forfeit to Khaine until another Path or death took them.

At last, the warriors of the Dragon's Maw Temple came to a great hall. Sickly neon-green pulsed from the power core. Now, Arthureon would snuff out what perilous futures the Farseers had foreseen. Then he saw the servitors rise. The same hateful-green light that radiated from the core shone from their Cyclopean eyes. They raised their staves and unleashed a withering hail of fire upon the Fire Dragons, which was returned in kind.

Two of the Fire dragons were impaled by beams of searing hot light. One warrior jerked his weapon sideways as he fell and inadvertently killed his brother aspect warrior. Seizing the initiative, Arthureon brought his Dragon's Breath Flamer to bear against the Necrons. The searing heat of the weapon melted their metal forms as Khaine's wrath had likely done in ages past.

Overconfident in their victory, the Eldar were stunned to see the metal reform. The moment's hesitation was costly and another Fire Dragon lost his life. His fellows howled in rage and unleashed such a brutal torrent of fire than the seemingly implacable warriors were reduced to metallic puddles.

Moments passed. After what seemed like a thousand centuries, Arthureon ordered the charges placed and the spirit stones of the fallen recovered. Their mission accomplished, the warriors made their escape with unseemly haste.


Originally Posted by Iron Angel (Post 1365387)


LTKage is using non-dark Eldar?

What manner of twilight zone is this?

Is this an accurate depiction of what you feel like?

Boc 05-06-13 08:32 AM

So not only did I win, but I caused spanner suffering? SUCCESS!

Iron Angel 05-06-13 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by LTKage (Post 1365472)
Is this an accurate depiction of what you feel like? this

1:35 my face exactly

Zodd 05-06-13 09:16 PM

Pointy-ears-filler gone. Orksis-filler next. Come get some :)

returnoftheclown 05-08-13 01:31 PM

:ireful2: CURSES!!! Foiled again!


oh well, gives High_Seraph a chance anyway :P

Well played Metal! Good luck in your future battles

Squire 05-08-13 10:54 PM

I wonder how a unit of three carnifexes with two sets of devourers each would have done. 36 twin linked S6 shots in one unit.

CE5511 05-08-13 11:36 PM

Other than kill the equivalant of 8 space marines in power armor it would cost a ton. 570 points

High_Seraph 05-09-13 04:53 PM

Uhmm what happened the last time we fought return? Oh yeah you lost like a VIRGIN!! Oh and please return that used cd. I miss it and would like to enjoy your screams again. :biggrin:

MetalHandkerchief 05-11-13 01:15 AM

Spanner, you alive? *nudge*

spanner94ezekiel 05-11-13 10:56 AM



Sorry, what? Oh, yeh right. Umm... results.

*frantic searching*

Ah yes, here we are.

Round 2 Results!

Iron Angel vs CE5511

The Immortals appear to struggle to pierce the thick armour of the Riptide battlesuit, inflicting only 3 wounds across three turns (one of which was self-inflicted via Gets Hot). Meanwhile, despite overheating once and missing once, and despite Reanimation Protocols, the Ion Accelerator does its job in falsifying the truth behind the Immortals' name.

CE5511 moves on.

The Meddler vs CattleBruiser

It all started so promisingly for the Henchmen. Although the Daemonhosts rolled Warp Grasp, the Jokaero rolled Penetrating Ammunition, and as a result inflicted a total of nine wounds. However, 56 shoota rounds and 2 rokkits to the face later, and only the Flamer Acolyte is left standing. Like a true warrior he takes another ork with him.

CattleBruiser moves on.

Boc vs Warsmith7752

The opening volleys are fairly nasty for both sides, with the Noise Marines inflicting five wounds, and the Immortals inflicting four. However, Reanimation Protocols show their worth again as three of the felled rise once more, swinging the balance. Although neither the Doom Siren or Blast Master was taken down earlier, the Chaos Space Marines cannot compete and are flayed alive... though they probably enjoyed every moment of it.

Boc moves on.

Archon Dan vs Romero's Own

Ermagherd. I thought the previous round was bad. And now I get dual Immortal line-up. This one went on and on, with neither side managing to take any real advantage. In the end Archon Dan wins, mostly due to the additional Cryptek just swinging things slightly in his favour. For the record, this went on for in excess of 8 turns...

Archon Dan moves on.

Filler #2 vs MetalHandkerchief

So with what MH instructed me to do, the Commander uses his Airburst Fragmentation Projector and Cyclic Ion Blaster, but unfortunately rolls the rather useless "Through Unity, Devastation" for his Warlord Trait. The lack of damage output against MEQ shows through as even with his Neuroweb System Jammer, the Commander can only inflict two or so wounds each round. Despite not managing to wound the targeted Meltagunner via Precision Shots, both it and the Missile Launcher fail to hit and wound every round. Instead, it appears that Bolters are the bane of the Tau, as the Commander is gradually stripped of his wounds, and probably also his dignity.

Filler #2 moves on.

routine vs Karnax

The Leman Russ inflicts a massive nine wounds in the opening shell, but fails to get that all important meltagun. Fortunately for him, it misses. The second shell misses completely, rolling a 1 to hit, while the meltagun glances. The next turn, 5 more Guardsmen are slain, but again the meltagun eludes death, and returns fire with a cheeky stun. It then inflicts a second glance in the following turn, before being caught out by a third Demolisher Cannon Shell. With nothing left to scratch the AV14 plating, the remainder of the Guardsmen are quickly wiped out.

Karnax moves on.

Zodd vs Filler #4

A potentially nasty match-up for both sides here with the mean dakka of the Pred facing up against the multitude of S7 and S8 shots of the Lootaz. Fortunately for the Baal Predator, the Orks performs like Orks and only manage to glance it once before being turned to a smear of blood.

Zodd moves on.

LTKage vs High_Seraph

The first turn is dead even, with 6 wounds inflicted on both sides (though the Fire Dragons manage to take out one Missile Launcher). The second turn is also dead even, with 4 wounds inflicted each. Although the Exarch is taken down, one plucky Fire Dragon remains to claim the victory.

LTKage moves on (just).

__________________________________________________ _______________

Congratulations to all who moved on to the next round, and as ever commiserations to those who were knocked out. The next round matchups are posted below, and I should be able to get them done tomorrow. This leaves the Semi-finals and Finals for next weekend. Good luck to all! :)

CattleBruiser vs Archon Dan

Filler #2 vs routine

CE5511 vs Boc

Zodd vs LTKage

Routine 05-11-13 11:28 AM

So by my count, the melta-gunner stripped 3 Hull points from the Leman Russ, is that right?

Edit: Because I just checked my BRB, and 3 Hull Points is all it has, which would mean the melta-dude Wrecked it with his 2 glances and 1 Stun

spanner94ezekiel 05-11-13 11:48 AM

Aye, that is indeed my bad. Not quite sure how I missed that - so routine is up against Filler #2 rather than Karnax.

Routine 05-11-13 11:53 AM

3 Hull points isnt what you'd expect a Leman Russ to have, is it? Seems too few

Archon Dan 05-11-13 01:41 PM

Don't blame Romero and I. You matched us Spanner.

Thrilled to be moving on but I would be happier facing the Baal Predator instead of all these Orks. Oh well.

CattleBruiser 05-11-13 05:33 PM

hee hee hee. Archon. it's a veritable mob of boyz against some immortals. Spanner is going to have fun with all the dice rolling in our round.

Karnax 05-11-13 06:15 PM

Damn it spanner, you got my hopes up for nothing. :( Eh, good luck to you then routine. :victory:

Routine 05-11-13 08:41 PM

Thanks dude, good fight :)

High_Seraph 05-11-13 09:00 PM

Damnit LtKage I will has mah revenge!! but damn close match. Good luck in the rest of it.

spanner94ezekiel 05-12-13 10:20 AM

And so, the Quarter-final results:

CattleBruiser vs Archon Dan

The Necrons have a devastating first turn, inflicting a whole 11 wounds on the Orks, who inflict a respectable six in return. However, after losing so many of their number, the Orks find it difficult to keep killing sufficient Immortals to overcome the effects of Reanimation Protocols, and are eventually outlasted.

Archon Dan moves on.

Filler #2 vs routine

The Crusaders inflict a nasty 11 wounds on the Guardsmen, and kill both of the flamers. The Guard have a poor shooting phase, inflicting a meagre five wounds, mostly due to the failures of the flamers and autocannons to inflict any wounds whatsoever. Both sides continue to trade casualties for the next seven rounds, with it coming down to the three Autocannons facing off against the Missile Launcher and a Bolter. Unfortunately, repeating their consistently poor performance throughout the round, the Autocannons fail to do anything and are gunned down by the merciless Templars.

Filler #2 moves on. Can anyone stop it?

CE5511 vs Boc

Judging by CE5511's previous round, the odds are in his favour. And that does indeed appear to be the case, as he inflicts ten wounds with the Ion Accelerator in the first round. Fortunately for Boc, one of those casualties happens to be the Cryptek, meaning they all still get their Reanimation Protocols/Ever Living. So four manage to get back up, and despite the Riptide missing with the Accelerator, don't inflict any wounds. They are then finished off with another salvo.

CE5511 moves on.

Zodd vs LTKage

A very nasty matchup for both sides - this essentially came down to luck as to who would survive the other's firepower. Predictably, the Fire Dragons turn the Predator to slag instantly. However, would the Pred be able to shred all the Eldar for a re-match? Unfortunately not, as it inflicts a respectable seven wounds, which unfortunately is not enough.

LTKage moves on.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Once again congratulations to all who got through, and commiserations to those who didn't. As I mentioned before, Semi-finals and Finals will be done by this time next week. I'll get a new game thread up not long after that, so those who are knocked out already - fear not! Anyhow, these are the matchups for the Semi-finals:

CE5511 vs Filler #2

LTKage vs Archon Dan

Boc 05-12-13 10:24 AM

Hey mate, you've got me moving on despite the fact that I got wtf-face-raped by CE5511 :) Think it's supposed to be LTKage vs Archon Dan

Routine 05-12-13 10:46 AM

Ousted by a Filler... I'm going to go curl up in a corner now. And maybe sob a little:(

Whats the next game going to be Spanner?

spanner94ezekiel 05-12-13 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by Boc (Post 1368372)
Hey mate, you've got me moving on despite the fact that I got wtf-face-raped by CE5511 :) Think it's supposed to be LTKage vs Archon Dan

Yeh my bad once again... I really should try getting some sleep. :alcoholic:


Originally Posted by Routine (Post 1368380)
Ousted by a Filler... I'm going to go curl up in a corner now. And maybe sob a little:(

Whats the next game going to be Spanner?

I haven't quite decided yet - there are a number of possibilities that I am considering.

Zodd 05-12-13 04:20 PM

Ouch. Thanks for the beating LTKage :wink:
And thanks for running the game, Spanner :victory:

Archon Dan 05-12-13 06:45 PM

I second Zodd. Thank you Spanner. This has been lots of fun and I'm looking forward to the next game; while hoping I can keep winning here. Though I am a little confused by who my next opponent is.

MetalHandkerchief 05-12-13 08:14 PM

Once more I am foiled by marines. Thanks for the fun :)

Routine 05-12-13 08:16 PM

I third what Zodd and Dan already said: Thanks for running another excellent game Spanner:clapping:, and good choices with those Fillers :grin:

Anyone want to place bets on the winner? The way CE5511 has been going, the only way I can see him losing is if LTKage gets through Archon Dan, and then fries CE with Melta fire in the first round of shooting

Edit: Also, I just realized that CE5511, if he wins here, will have 2 first place finishes and one second place in the last three UUGs...

So a tip of the hat to you, CE, for obviously knowing your stuff :king:

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