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spanner94ezekiel 04-11-13 11:27 AM

Ultimate Unit Game: Retro Edition #2 - DAKKA
Hello and welcome to the next Ultimate Unit Game! This Game will be focussed on (as the title suggests), shooting. After the successes of the previous game, I thought we could aim to get the series even more popular - I wanna hit that 32 competitor mark, dammit!

So, shooting only. This means any Movement Phase abilities or psychic powers are out of the question, and there's no involvement for anything done in the Assault Phase. Again, I think most codices have a good standing in this game, perhaps with the exception of Tyranids who unfortunately lack the flexibility of firepower to deal with the possible array of units out there. Shooting will be resolved simultaneously, there will be no cover, and all weapons will be considered to be within their minimum range (sorry to those of you who are partial to a Conversion Beamer). There will be set "to-hit" values for blast and template weapons, and Look Out Sir! rolls will be taken as usual. That's about all I can think of for now, but I'll post a more formal version of the rules once I close the Game to entries.

All I require from you to participate is your signature in blood, in this here thread (ketchup does not count). You won't be submitting your entry just yet, but it'd be nice to see what codices are being considered. Remember you only get one unit for the entire game, so make sure it can deal with whatever it comes up against. Also note that 40k-approved Forge World units, and all vehicles (excluding fliers and FMCs) are permitted. No Apocalypse though.

- Warsmith7752
- Romero's Own
- MetalHandkerchief
- returnoftheclown
- The Sturk
- d3m01iti0n
- MidnightSun
- Archon Dan
- CattleBruiser
- routine
- Grokfog
- High_Seraph
- Silens
- CE5511
- Boc
- Iron Angel
- Iniquity
- Jace of Ultramar
- Zodd
- LTKage
- Stephen_Newman
- The Meddler
- Biellann

24/32 places filled.

warsmith7752 04-11-13 11:34 AM

Sign me up.

Romero's Own 04-11-13 12:04 PM

Count me in.

However I do have a question. With units such as Space Marine Sternguard and Chaos Space Marine Obliterators is the ammo/weapon decided by the player or by you?

spanner94ezekiel 04-11-13 12:56 PM

The Player. Any specific tactics/requirements you wish me to adhere to then please do let me know. Also know that wound allocation will be done randomly, as all models will be considered to be the same distance from each other. No hiding behind your grunts, you cowardly officers!

MetalHandkerchief 04-11-13 03:06 PM

Do you have the new Tau codex, Spanner?

If so, sign me up.

spanner94ezekiel 04-11-13 03:22 PM

Indeed I do - consider yourself signed up. :)

returnoftheclown 04-11-13 03:41 PM

Is there an auto sign-up button?

But please sign me up!

The Sturk 04-11-13 03:57 PM

Time to redeem myself from last time. Count me in!

d3m01iti0n 04-11-13 04:01 PM

Im in. So we basically pick one unit from our codex, load it up with the appropriate options, and go with it? And is there a point limit?

spanner94ezekiel 04-11-13 04:03 PM

Yup that's pretty much it. There may be further restrictions/requirements, but that's essentially it. More details will be posted once the game is full.

MidnightSun 04-11-13 07:04 PM

317 Attachment(s)
"Zadkiel, bring me my plasma guns - all of them".

Sign me up.


Archon Dan 04-11-13 07:15 PM

Okay. I'll try this one. Sign me up.

Army candidates:
Blood Angels
Dark Eldar

FYI I have no idea how this works.

spanner94ezekiel 04-11-13 07:18 PM

If you want a glimpse at how they're run, just browse the General 40k section for any of mine, Samules', mynameisgrax's, or the original King of Cheese's games. Should clear up any confusion as to how the game will work. I'll provide more specific instructions once I close entries to the game.

CattleBruiser 04-11-13 07:20 PM

Sign me up!

Potential codexes used:

Tau, Orks, maybe guard or grey knights depending on point levels and if a blob can count as a unit

High_Seraph 04-11-13 07:41 PM

Hey now Spanner, you know you can't have one without me right? And I may even use a different dex this time! proly not but who KNOWS?

Grokfog 04-11-13 08:07 PM

I'll join. Got some evil plans to fulfil!

Routine 04-11-13 08:32 PM

I'm In! I'll probably be sticking to Codex: Grey Knights, but I'm not certain on that yet; I may give Tau or Necrons (or something) a try

MetalHandkerchief 04-11-13 08:54 PM

By the way Spanner, if you open this for submissions during the weekend, at least keep submissions open until tuesday, I won't have internet until then. Or announce the roolz and I'll send mine before I leave.

spanner94ezekiel 04-11-13 09:44 PM

Entries will probably stay open until the end of next week, just for maximum attention. Though if we start drying up with entrants I'll consider closing earlier. But don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to submit your entries after I ask for them - and I can always extend deadlines if people let me know in advance.

CE5511 04-11-13 10:33 PM

Im in! Bolters FTW lol

Silens 04-11-13 11:33 PM

I'm in!


This series has gone away from that weird, complicated and far-fetched format? Why has nobody informed me of this?

Of course I'm in!

Couple of questions though;
Points cost of unit? I see none. It would seem weird if there is no maximum.
When you say units are within minimum range i suspect you mean melta, rapidfire and other such rules are always in effect, right?

spanner94ezekiel 04-12-13 09:41 AM

Welcome back! :biggrin:

I'll be posting up points requirement etc once I know exactly how many people are going to be in this game. Why? Dunno really, it's just how I like to do it. And yes, minimum range means within range of Rapid-fire, Melta, Salvo etc.

Magpie_Oz 04-12-13 10:16 AM

What about Grenade range?

spanner94ezekiel 04-12-13 10:34 AM

Yes, all thrown grenades such as frags will be considered to be in range.

Boc 04-12-13 11:53 AM

I'm in... fuckers

Iron Angel 04-12-13 12:36 PM

I'm in.

Archon Dan 04-12-13 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by spanner94ezekiel (Post 1358137)
And yes, minimum range means within range of Rapid-fire, Melta, Salvo etc.

Cool. What about conditional rules, such as the Necron Deathmarks' Hunters from Hyperspace rule.

spanner94ezekiel 04-12-13 04:55 PM

Provided these abilities are not used in the movement phase or assault phase, then yes. The example you provided above would be permitted.

The Sturk 04-12-13 05:03 PM

Hunters from Hyperspace activates when the Deathmarks enter the table, whether it is being deployed prior to turn 1 or from Reserves. Since technically, both units will hit the table at once, it could be argued that it is still valid.

spanner94ezekiel 04-12-13 05:14 PM

Well the wording states that the marker is applied in deployment. As forces are technically being deployed, then Hunters from Hyperspace would be active.

Iniquity 04-12-13 08:11 PM

I'll give my Daemons a go again.

Jace of Ultramar 04-13-13 10:52 AM

I'm in.

Zodd 04-13-13 05:11 PM


LTKage 04-15-13 03:11 AM

Count me in.

Stephen_Newman 04-15-13 08:14 PM

I'm in mufafuckers

The Meddler 04-16-13 08:44 PM

Me too:) I missed the last one, but I don't want to miss this one as well. Now, do I go with henchmen or space marines...

Biellann 04-17-13 06:33 AM


Originally Posted by The Meddler (Post 1359399)
Me too:) I missed the last one, but I don't want to miss this one as well.

I'm in too.

MetalHandkerchief 04-17-13 03:02 PM

I think you will get more sign-ups by announcing points and rules Spanner.

returnoftheclown 04-17-13 09:15 PM

Oooo! We could get a line of chorus girls doing the can-can while spanner (wearing a top hat of course) reals off the rules and regs like a ringmaster!

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