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Romero's Own 05-05-13 05:21 PM

Condolences to Jace for missing out this turn. Sounds like Reanimation Protocols were your downfall.

Good luck to Archon Dan for the coming round. May the best unit win. Hang on a second.....

High_Seraph 05-05-13 07:14 PM

Yay got though the first round! Condolences there Jace. Maybe the next next time?

Karnax 05-05-13 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by Routine (Post 1365282)
A Demolisher Russ? Crap...

Oh well, at least I got through!

Good luck in the next round Karnax!

Yeah I do have an advantage this round, though it will really come down to whether or not I can kill your meltagunner before it kills me.

Good luck to you too (you probably need it more :grin:).

Iron Angel 05-05-13 10:24 PM



LTKage is using non-dark Eldar?

What manner of twilight zone is this?

LTKage 05-06-13 06:46 AM

Arthureon crouched, listening intently for signs of movement ahead, before motioning his warriors forward. The Fire Dragons were close to the core of the catacombs. He could distantly hear the whining of Shuriken Catapults and the hate filled cries of the warhost in the distance. The Autarch and his Seer Council had specifically selected Arthureon and his students to destroy the heart of the Necron tomb.

Though his blood boiled at the thought skulking around like some Striking Scorpion, Arthureon knew from his many lifetimes worth of experience that the wisdom of Autarch and the witch sight of his Farseers and Warlocks a far better guide than his overweening pride. Focusing his rage-filled spirit, the Exarch sought master this unnatural turn of events by focusing on the slaughter that Khaine bequeathed to his Temple.

Cautiously, the Eldar passed hundreds of deactivated Necrons. The Fire Dragons placed powerful secondary charges that would cripple the facility once the main generator went critical. Lost to their warmasks, the Eldar under Arthureon's command gave gave no voice to their fear nor exhibited any of the telltale signs of dread that affected the craftworld's citizen militia. Do or die, their lives were forfeit to Khaine until another Path or death took them.

At last, the warriors of the Dragon's Maw Temple came to a great hall. Sickly neon-green pulsed from the power core. Now, Arthureon would snuff out what perilous futures the Farseers had foreseen. Then he saw the servitors rise. The same hateful-green light that radiated from the core shone from their Cyclopean eyes. They raised their staves and unleashed a withering hail of fire upon the Fire Dragons, which was returned in kind.

Two of the Fire dragons were impaled by beams of searing hot light. One warrior jerked his weapon sideways as he fell and inadvertently killed his brother aspect warrior. Seizing the initiative, Arthureon brought his Dragon's Breath Flamer to bear against the Necrons. The searing heat of the weapon melted their metal forms as Khaine's wrath had likely done in ages past.

Overconfident in their victory, the Eldar were stunned to see the metal reform. The moment's hesitation was costly and another Fire Dragon lost his life. His fellows howled in rage and unleashed such a brutal torrent of fire than the seemingly implacable warriors were reduced to metallic puddles.

Moments passed. After what seemed like a thousand centuries, Arthureon ordered the charges placed and the spirit stones of the fallen recovered. Their mission accomplished, the warriors made their escape with unseemly haste.


Originally Posted by Iron Angel (Post 1365387)


LTKage is using non-dark Eldar?

What manner of twilight zone is this?

Is this an accurate depiction of what you feel like?

Boc 05-06-13 08:32 AM

So not only did I win, but I caused spanner suffering? SUCCESS!

Iron Angel 05-06-13 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by LTKage (Post 1365472)
Is this an accurate depiction of what you feel like? this

1:35 my face exactly

Zodd 05-06-13 09:16 PM

Pointy-ears-filler gone. Orksis-filler next. Come get some :)

returnoftheclown 05-08-13 01:31 PM

:ireful2: CURSES!!! Foiled again!


oh well, gives High_Seraph a chance anyway :P

Well played Metal! Good luck in your future battles

Squire 05-08-13 10:54 PM

I wonder how a unit of three carnifexes with two sets of devourers each would have done. 36 twin linked S6 shots in one unit.

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