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Jezlad 04-01-13 03:53 PM

Heresy Support Drive 2013
It's April once again and it seems self sustaining forums will soon be a thing of the past... our last hope and chief breadwinner has booted us out of their network.



There was no issue in particular with his domain, it is just that we have made a decision that we will no longer be accepting or monetizing any impressions or content from Message Board or Forum type domains, which is why it was added to our blacklist.

This leaves us in a very precarious situation. I've temporarily alleviated the issue with the monthly donation target at the fore of the site. Frankly though, I don't like it so I've decided to do away with it and launch our annual server drive.

We're also down a lot in monthly revenue due to our fabulous hacking friend. It seems half of the guest "lurkers" we enjoyed visits from are no longer stopping by. Whether this is down to them moving on or thinking we're closed, or simply being pissed off with the quantity of banners I'm forced to serve I don't know.

We're just short of halfway to our monthly target and therefore I've decided to kick the server drive off and hopefully secure us for the next 6 months until we find a solution.

The last server drive pretty much saved our arses during the Russian Episode - without the funds to sit on we wouldn't of been able to match the costs during the time offline... Two months with zero revenue and continuing server fees really cut into our resources so if you contributed last time round we owe you.

So please, if you're in a position to throw a few extra shillings into the hat it'll make the job of keeping Heresy ticking a lot easier. We're not out of the woods yet, but we're coming back.

Please help if you can.

Svartmetall 04-01-13 04:28 PM

Shillings thrown. It's not much, but hopefully it'll help.

Protoss119 04-02-13 02:15 AM

Have some dosh. I wish I had more, but alas, such are the wages of a poor college student.

Chaosftw 04-02-13 12:12 PM

Consider it done.

GrimzagGorwazza 04-02-13 06:28 PM

I've been floating aroun long enough to put in some cash nd become a supporter. If i get the job i'm being interviewd for at the weekend maybe i can put some more in.

Alsojames 04-02-13 08:07 PM

As soon as I get a job I'm splitting my money 3 ways: College, Warhammer, and Heresy.

Tawa 04-02-13 08:50 PM

Payday on Friday :)

See what I can throw in the pot after taking care of my necessaries :)

Old Man78 04-02-13 10:18 PM

I'm in, not much but hope it helps!

Cypher871 04-02-13 11:21 PM

Dosh tossed...not much but as they say at Tesco's...every little helps :wink:

newt_e 04-03-13 06:52 PM

Added some to bring it up to a nice round figure...

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