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Cuinlan 03-23-13 08:55 PM

Rogue Traders, STCs, Space Marines!
Whilst fleshing out my homebrew Chapter of Space Marines I came across a bit of a problem. My Chapter has access to a forgeworld run by the Mechanicus and maintains very close ties with them, but not Iron Hands close. They specialize in shock assaults, armored assaults and some sneakiness. I would like them to have access to Imperial Jetbikes, but they are descendants of the Imperial Fists and "technically" wouldn't have those shiny, floating bicycles of doom.

Originally I had thought to write about a vault being discovered within their sector containing the STC and then voila! It belongs to the Chapter. But that's boring and I don't want these guys to be overpowered (later in the fluff they get invaded by a Chaos Warband). Plus, I want to write an interesting story.

So I was thinking that they came into contact with a Rogue Trader who went treasure hunting or something, found the STC and is trying to hand it off to the highest bidder instead of straight to the Mechanicus. Thus, the Chapter hacks into the Rogue Trader fleet via their Techmarine buddies, boards the ships, grabs the STC, blows up the ship and gives it to the Mechanicus who then provide them with Jetbikes.

I have basic knowledge of Rogue Traders and more knowledge regarding the Mechanicus, but I would still like to read into both more. The Rogue Trader Fleet would have a Letter of Marque instead of a Warrant of Trade to make them less powerful or protected by the Imperium.

If the Inquisition comes knocking on my Chapter's door I would be fine with that. I don't want them to become renegades or traitor marines, just opportunists :biggrin:

So is it plausible fluff? Comments and criticism are welcome.

Old Man78 03-23-13 09:27 PM

Very plausible, the Mechanicus would shaft anybody to get some tech and happily let the marines do the dirty work for them.

Edit: your marines could easily have been given a few bikes to keep them sweet or gave the bikes to the admech on condition they had some to help them find more tech for the admech, therefore keeping the mutual beneficial relationship.

Protoss119 03-23-13 09:30 PM

Hi Cuinlan,

That's a tough one, but I think it can be done. If your chapter did hand over the Jetbike STC to the Mechanicus and they recognized it, then it will likely spread to other chapters, and so everyone would have Jetbikes. But there is good news: your chapter doesn't necessarily have to hand it over to the Mechanicus. The Blood Angels have withheld the Baal Predator template from the Admech, but that has resulted in tension between the two groups, and so withholding Jetbikes from the Admech would result in the same if not more tension. This could cause an internal divide between your chapter and its Techmarines...that could be interesting, and it ultimately depends on whether you want to make intra-Chapter tensions and tensions with the Admech or even the wider Imperium a plot point.

Hope that helps!

ntaw 03-23-13 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by Protoss119 (Post 1351885)
The Blood Angels have withheld the Baal Predator template from the Admech

They'll never get my Baals.

stephen.w.langdon 03-24-13 12:04 PM

How about something like this

Your chapter home world was attacked by chaos, during the ensuring battle the Chaos forces are defeated but at the cost of your world which is destroyed and reduced to a new asteroid field, your chapters then begins a crusade across the galaxy hunting down heretics where ever they can

They then happen on a long forgotten forgeworld that has been in a state of civil war since the heresy, with each side fighting to a standstill over and over

Your chapter comes in and swings the balance of power at last and the dark mechanicam is finally destroyed (or is it???) During this battle for the planet your chapter and the forgeworld grow a bond forged in war and you decide to settle and make this your new home world

In appreciation of your help the forgeworld gives you access to some of its greatest relics (jetbikes etc)

BlackGuard 03-24-13 01:39 PM

They could always have just come across some of these jetbikes? In a galaxy of a million worlds with a thousand chapters and untold amount of secret caches, vaults, or other things. It wouldn't be bad fluff to say they came across them but obviously lack the ability to reproduce them. Then you can make the AdMech arc here.

Or maybe you don't have to. Unless the chapter is hell-bent on replicating these jetbikes then maybe they're just chapter relics in a sense and highly praised. Would give those who are permitted to ride them a lot of respect within the chapter. Plus, even without the STC, I'm fairly certain it wouldn't be impossible to imagine Tech-Marines being able to repair most damages. Maybe this is where the AdMech comes in, when a bike is so badly damaged it is sent to this friendly forge world where they are able to repair it.

Cuinlan 03-27-13 12:29 AM

Thanks for all of the responses. I do like the idea of having a limited number of Jetbikes and my marines and the Admech screwing over the rogue trader. Hopefully I'll get around to write something this weekend :ok:

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