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humakt 03-13-13 04:58 PM

Army Painting Challenge 2012 - February entries and Final count
Here are the entries for February.







Also as this was the final month here are the numbers for those that entered. Please let me know if you think you are short (via PM). All those with 9 or more entries will receive your medal in due course (these have been highlighted in green).

apidude 3
Barnster 10
bixeightysix 1
Boc 6
Brother Droopy 2
Carna 3
ChaosRedCorsairLord 4
Chris Guard of Mardat 5
cirs85 1
Crabpuff 3
Dave T Hobbit 2
Deux 7
Disciple_of_Ezekiel 3
Doelago 2
Embracraig 1
Garion 1
GrimzagGorwazza 5
Hellados 1
Howzaa 8
imm0rtal reaper 9
Infernalcaretaker 3
ItsPug 3
jaysen 3
Jondoe297 1
Josh101 3
KarnalBloodfist 6
Khorne's Fist 3
KjellThorngaard 12
Krueger 7
lokis222 6
Meldon 5
Midge913 3
Moriouce 9
Mortigar 1
Oldman78 1
Pssyche 6
Rameses 3
reavsie 6
RedThirstWill Destroy 5
rxcky 8
Saulot 3
Scotty80 2
scscofield 2
Scythes 1
Skari 2
smidge222 1
Son of Horus 1
Starship Trooper 1
Taggerung 9
Tawa 1
TheKingElessar 1
TheWraithlord 1
ThumperHS 3
troybuckle 3
Turnip86 11
Ultra1 2
Uveron 4
xenobiotic 1
Zero Effect 9
zotb 1

Well done to everybody who managed to complete the full challenge. If you want to take part in the next one, details will be posted before the weekend, with the challenge due to start in April.

Turnip86 03-13-13 06:03 PM

Congrats to everyone that completed the challenge! Nice one Kjell getting all 12 done too!

Looking forward to the next challenge and seeing what new armies we all come up with this year.

Charandris 03-13-13 07:03 PM

213 Attachment(s)
Is it ok to continue a project ive already started? So to carry on with my warriors as i have a few bits done (which wont count) but can.i use any new additions that i start from now?

Tawa 03-13-13 11:55 PM


Originally Posted by humakt (Post 1348454)
Tawa 1

This makes me a sad badger :cray:

Must. Try. Harder.

Congrats to you guys that completed the challenge! :drinks:

Kreuger 03-14-13 08:07 PM

Congrats to everyone who got more work done because of this contest!

Taggerung 03-14-13 08:16 PM

Congrats all! I know this definitely helped me get lots more painting done than I normally would have. Can't wait to keep going with this years challenge.

Barnster 03-14-13 08:47 PM

Congrats to everyone who took part, I love seeing the great work of so many collected in these threads. It was a great year for entries, despite the unfortunate disruption, but like the imperium we rose once again.

Until the next challenge brothers!

KjellThorngaard 03-15-13 02:53 AM

Congrats to everyone that participated. I can honestly say that without this challenge I would not have been able to complete an entire army. I was able to paint just shy of 2,500 points, and this makes my first complete WFB army. Thanks Humakt for your hard work in pushing this along.

Thanks Turnip!

See you all next year!

Kreuger 03-15-13 04:57 AM

And by "next year" you mean . . . next month, yes?

Magpie_Oz 03-15-13 05:37 AM


Originally Posted by Kreuger (Post 1349121)
And by "next year" you mean . . . next month, yes?

Next "Army Year", bit like Financial Year?

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