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warsmith7752 03-11-13 05:04 PM

Crimson fists champion
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Just looking for some critique before i really get into painting my crimson fists,


Thank you :)

Edit: no idea why its shown as a thumbnail and in my post like that. Doesn't normally happen like that.
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ambadasdor 03-11-13 06:05 PM

I think I am in love... That may be the prettiest Space Marine I have ever seen. Of course, I am a sucker for the blue and red color combo. My only petty critique would be that the R and D on his knees look a little bit rough, but knowing as little as I know about painting, I wouldn't know. Keep it up!

warsmith7752 03-11-13 07:33 PM

Thank you very much :D Free hand isn't my strong point as you can probably tell. Also the D is actually II, just the camera angle makes it look like a D.

Here is a pic where you can see the II properly,


ambadasdor 03-11-13 08:25 PM

Ah, it looks better now that I know what it is! :laugh:

lav25gunner 03-14-13 08:31 AM

The colors look good. Overall a good paint scheme.
I would suggest putting one or two more thin coats of blue and red. You can still see some of the black underneath.
I would practice my freehand for a while, because in my opinion, the knee pads completely bring down the overall quality of the model.
Lastly, I think you need a brighter red for the eyes the green on could use highlighting too.


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