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ambadasdor 03-08-13 05:22 AM

New Player Needs Help With Eldar Army
Hello, I am new to 40k, but I have a pretty decent understanding of 6e rules and have played a few games. However, I have almost no idea where to start when it comes to creating a strategically sound army (because of my experience with other games I can make some guesses, but that's not always enough). Anyway, a friend of mine heard that I was starting and offered to sell me his 2,000 point eldar army from 4e fro $40. I jumped on this opportunity, picked up the most recent codex, identified all of the models in my new collection and this is what I got:
(Note: I have not added any equipment to this list, I have just recorded what it looks like the models have, except for in the case of the Dark Reaper exarch, I replaced what looked like a shuriken cannon with his tempest launcher, because I used him in a game with the cannon and it blew)

HQ: 1 Farseer
1 Warlock w/singing spear

Elites: 7 Striking Scorpions w/1 exarch w/a claw and what appears to be a shuriken pistol, but that is not allowed, so...

Dedicated Transport: 1 of what appears to be a home-brewed Wave Serpent w/twin-linked bright lances

Troops: 19 Guardians w/ missile platform
6 Rangers
3 Guardian Jetbikes (Troops or not anymore?)

Fast Attack: 1 Vyper w/shuriken cannon & twin-linked catapults
7 Swooping Hawks w/1 exarch w/either of the special weapons

Heavy Support: 1 Support Weapon Battery w/D-Cannon
5 Dark Reapers w/1 exarch w/Tempest Launcher
1 Wraithlord w/Starcannon
1 Falcon w/what appears to be twin-linked scatter lasers, but that is wonky, so...

Anyway, as far as any of the weird things on the list, I have already talked to my friend and he doesn't remember much about this army at all, I do not think that he liked 40k very much. I played a 1,000 point game against Space Marines using part of this army and lost handily but had a blast, none the less. That got me in the mood to drop some money on making this a coherent army. I loved the Dark Reapers and I have heard that Wraithguard are fun, but beyond that I am really open to suggestions. I am looking for a fairly versatile collection, where I can swap out units based on what I am playing against. I am sorry about the wall of text, but thank you so much for any advice you have.

ew_holmes 03-08-13 01:10 PM

This looks like a fun starter list! It's unfortunate that you have such messed up models, but it could still be fun!

I would strongly suggest checking out some of that Tactics articles on here, Ragewind(i think) wrote a great article on each unit.

Tempest Launcher is the best weapon in Eldar for anti-MEQ - use crack shot with it, 2 blasts S4 AP3 ignore cover, AND reroll failed wounds. You can cripple any marine squad every turn, and let his fellow reapers clean up the mess. ALWAYS shoot with the Exarch first, so you hit more marines with the blasts ;).

Jetbikes are still troops, and I would maybe use the Falcon with Twin-linked Scatter lasers as another Wave serpent - it would make sense at least :).

Eldar are expected to have a new Codex in late 2013, so I would suggest buying things that are finecast, or finishing any units (like hawks, rangers, scorpions). Right now Eldar is not a very competitive army, so I would suggest taking things you like the looks of, or waiting until the new Codex comes out to expand :).

Things to buy now:

Fire Prisms - magnetize the weapons so you can use them as Nightspinners as well - I always magnetize everything (Wraithlord, Falcon, Wave Serpent, Warwalker, Vyper, Exarchs, etc.) so you can have multiple loadouts without having to buy 3 of the same model! :)

ambadasdor 03-08-13 05:04 PM

Thank you, I can't believe that I didn't think to check out the tactica. I'm going to use one of my beginner's mistake cards on that one. Anyway, I will definitely start counting that Falcon as a Wave Serpent, that does make much more sense. How many Fire Prisms do you think I should get? Also, I don't see the rules for a Nightspinner in relation to the Fire Prism anywhere in the codex. Am I just missing it? Thanks.

ew_holmes 03-08-13 07:36 PM

Nightspinner rules are not in the book, you can find them here.

Basic rules are:
Statline - same as falcon (AV 12 12 10, transport 6, BS3)
Gun: Twin linked (reroll scatter dice), large blast, Barrage (doesn't need LoS, but if no LoS, you don't subtract BS from scatter - not that important with a TL gun)
Gun: Strength 6, rending, Monofilament web**
Range: 12-72"

** Monofilament web: any units hit by this blast take a difficult AND dangerous terrain test if they try to move the next movement phase.

I have 2 Fire Prisms, and find they work best in pairs - takign only one usually means it'll blow up before it does any damage (or gets disabled). 2 gives you the ability to combine shots, which means S10 AP1 small blast(anti-landraider), or S6 AP3 large (nasty against marines)

EDIT: Nightspinner is not mentioned as transport in that rule set, but it's old. Nightspinner is mentioned in one of the transports sections in the 6th edition BRB, so I assumed it's capacity of 6, since it's the same chasis as a Falcon/Fire Prism. Not sure how that holds up in tournaments.

ambadasdor 03-09-13 05:06 PM

Thank you for the Nightspinner rules! I will have to look into getting a few Fire Prisms now. However it seems like the Eldar heavies are some of the best units in their ranks, so I may not use them every game. Decisions, decisions... I suppose that is where a lot of the fun in this game is, though!:grin:

ew_holmes 03-10-13 03:58 PM

Yes, I definitely run into the "If I could take 6 heavies, I would" scenario every time I built my list. :P

Ragewind 03-10-13 07:12 PM

I don't have much time to talk but I reccomend taking a look at my guide as it should be able to really help you out with your specific army questions.

Rage's Guide

ambadasdor 03-10-13 07:28 PM

Thank you, Rage. I have looked at your tactica for 5th, but I couldn't find your stuff for sixth, I will start readin that now. This will be really useful, as I have just picked up a few more units and I am building a 2,000 for a Space Marine match tomorrow. I will post that list when it is done.:grin:

ambadasdor 03-10-13 10:13 PM

This is what I am thinking for the Marines:

Farseer W/Spirit Stones, Doom, Fortune & Guide
Eldrad & 3 Warlocks 1W/Singing Spear & Enhance, 1W/Destructor & 1W/Embolden (I want to try out the different Warlock powers and see what I like) in a Wave Serpent W/Star Engines & Bright Lances

3 Guardian Jetbikes
6 Pathfinders
19 Guardians W/Missile Launcher

5 Wraithguard & 1 Warlock W/Singing Spear & Enhance in a Wave Serpent W/Star Engines & Scatter Lasers
7 Striking Scorpions W/Exarch W/Scorpion's Claw, Biting Blade, Stalker & Shadowstrike

Heavy Support-484
5 Dark Reapers W/Exarch W/Tempest Launcher & Crack Shot
5 Dark Reapers W/Exarch W/Tempest Launcher & Crack Shot
1 Support Weapon Platform W/D-Cannon

The plan is to rush my Wraithguard and Seer Council in there and blow up everything I can reach, while my D-Cannon, Farseer, Pathfinders and one unit of Reapers sit somewhere with relatively good cover and lay down fire to keep him off of as many objectives as I can. I hope to use the Scorpions as support for my two deathstars. (I mostly just really want to try them, they are one of my favorite aspects, in concept, but I have not been able to field them. :grin:) I think I will have the other unit of Reapers in a position to provide cross-fire for my artillery squad. The bikes and Guardian blob are there to try and take objectives and tarpit, respectively. Does this sound like a decent strategy and how does my list look, even if my strategy is bollocks? Thank you so much for the help you have given me already and for looking at this list.

ew_holmes 03-11-13 12:55 PM

I really like the weapon combo on the Scorpions Exarch - I never realized that Biting Blade only replaced the chainsword, so you can indeed take both!

Looks like a fun list. I like the fact that you are taking 2 units of Dark Reapers! I could suggest maybe knocking them down to units of 4, then you could get a second D-cannon in, and have another 20 points to add another scorpion, OR you could use that 20 points , lose a guardian and add a warlock with embolden to the unit - it'll help the tarpit scheme with +1LD and reroll LD tests :).

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