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Farseer Ulthris 02-19-13 11:33 PM

Fantasy Language Help!!!
Basically, I'm working on my own fantasy universe and in dire need of help with creating with the languages. The races with certain real world cultural influences will be speaking a language with the same influence. I already have an idea of their linguistic influences, which will be listed below:


Dawn Elves: Uralic languages (Finnish mainly).

Nephalic Elves: Continental Nordic languages (Swedish and Norwegian mainly)

Vidyaranic Elves: Southern Indian languages

Sand Elves: Middle Eastern languages, varies between factions.


Njalathari: Icelandic

Stahlherzen: Germanic

Temuja: Mongolic languages

Rumah: Romani language With geographic Variations

Lycaeon: Greek influence

Ildacians: Eastern European Romance languages

Liratinan: Italian influence

Kirovkan: Russian, Ukrainian etc

Vidyarans: See Vidyaranic Elves

Isquahotl: Nahuatl influence

Note: more humans to be added


Albyne: English...no help needed here ;)

Ashephalim: Yiddish and Hebrew

Uachairn: Goidelic and Brythonic Celtic languages


Dwarves: Persian. and Akkadian (if passable)

Greywing: Numerous Native American languages

Any help you Guys can will be greatly appreciated

Dave T Hobbit 02-20-13 03:10 PM

That is a lot of languages. What is the universe for? Depending on why you are creating them you might never use most of them. Even a huge series of novels (e.g. Middle Earth, Wheel of Time) only have occasional words or phrases in non-English, and RPGs are likely to use less.

If you can give us some idea of how they will be used it will help in working out a good place to start.

Farseer Ulthris 02-20-13 08:08 PM

I was generally thinking in terms of characters listening in on foreigners in conversation, as well as cursing, prayers and incantations for spells. I feel that being immersed in languages helps the audience feel they are visiting a vast world. I'd also think it be quite the learning experience.

If you need to know more, just let me know.

Dave T Hobbit 02-21-13 11:12 AM

If you want to create extensive paragraphs in many languages, I suggest starting here.

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