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Sethis 01-31-13 10:32 PM

Heya, thanks!

I was thinking a red plastic 2-5mm sheet sourced from somewhere and cut to fit, but I am also conducting preliminary research into LEDs and lit eyepieces... Depends on how much effort and cost it'll involve.

Also (for anyone who cares) I don't even have internet at this house, I'm currently whoring someone elses while I'm round their house. Updates will be sporadic and may not have pictures!

jams 02-02-13 09:32 PM

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You could try a cheap pair of Oakley style wrap-around sunnies and take the lenses out

Sethis 02-12-13 09:15 PM

Ooh, interesting idea. Don't know how they'll respond to being cut to shape though. Possible heating solution.

Anyway, will be back in my flat for the next 5 days. Still no internet, but at least I don't have housemates to complain about being asphyxiated, so work will resume as/when I have time. Pics soon!

Sethis 02-16-13 02:46 PM

Inside of helmet now fiberglassed and resin/filler mix coated, then filed down. Milliput used to fill in the major interior cracks and/or holes so I don't scrape hair/scalp/skin off when putting it on or taking it off.

Filler applied to about a third of the outside and sanded down. I'm going to work it in two stages - the "cone" and the detail around the lower rim and faceplate. I've cut the faceplate out of the helmet to provide better access and easier test fitting. It'll be reattached with magnets so it can be taken on and off easily without having to remove the entire helmet, thus allowing me to eat/drink/talk without having to carry the whole thing under my arm. Once the back fin is attached it'll measure almost 80cm in length from chin to fin tip!

Sethis 02-24-13 12:13 PM

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Finally, some more pictures of progress!

You can see the "rough" filler that has been sanded down to a much smoother finish, although it still needs a lighter coat or two of resin/filler mix in order to get a nice smooth surface without the dips and pits you can see. The inside you can see has spots of milliput to smooth out the spikey or rough patches of fiberglass that proved troublesome for the sander. Finally, you can see the side vent things which need more definition with the sander.

son of azurman 02-24-13 12:56 PM

coming along great keep it up

Sethis 03-27-13 07:19 AM

Progress is being made, I'm just very busy at work etc so I'm getting less hours per week to spend on it. More pics will follow when either the helmet is fully done or there is significant progress on the shoulders/bracers/chest piece. Come to think of it, you guys haven't seen the chest piece yet so I need to post that up asap.

jams 05-17-13 08:59 AM

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Hey Sethis, how're you getting along with this? Did you work out a solution for the eyepieces in the end?

humakt 05-17-13 09:58 AM

I found something that could work for the eyes. Its what I intend to use http://www.goglospex.com/standard/

They are pretty cheap and I suspect easy to modifiy to fit the eye holes.

I must say this is a very useful thread. I hope you are still progressing on this.

revilo44 05-17-13 09:01 PM

This is fab so far and a great thread hope to see the chestplete and helmet soon

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