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scscofield 01-15-13 11:01 PM

Guy who safe housed 6 kids during Sandy Hook shooting is being harrassed...

Shit like this is what makes me so disgusted with my countries current society. Children dead, and people are fucking with some of the heros of the whole thing accusing them of it being a hoax.

I live in a nation of entitled fucktards.

DivineEdge 01-15-13 11:42 PM

They aren't entitled fucktards. That is mean. (sarcasm)
They are moronic conspiracy theorists who think we didn't land on the moon. Doing the right thing isn't doing the right thing anymore. I got an e-mail from a friend that said the governemnt paid off a group of hit men to kill kids and take away the public's gun.

I like to think I have a good control on my emotions, but this (the article and email) made me want to punch someone repeatedly.

It is just sad.

scscofield 01-15-13 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by DivineEdge (Post 1329396)
I got an e-mail from a friend that said the governemnt paid off a group of hit men to kill kids and take away the public's gun.


Jacobite 01-16-13 12:04 AM


Originally Posted by DivineEdge (Post 1329396)
I got an e-mail from a friend that said the governemnt paid off a group of hit men to kill kids and take away the public's gun.


And you are still 'friends" with that person?

scscofield 01-16-13 12:07 AM

I should start selling tinfoil hats on ebay

Magpie_Oz 01-16-13 12:10 AM

Yeh I got a spam email along those lines as well.

DivineEdge 01-16-13 12:11 AM

He didn't actually write it. It got sent to him by one of those no-reply emails that everyone gets. It was the most wacked out thing ever. I'll post it up here in a sec.

If he had written it, I would've said - "I just hired a hit man using those guns to kill you. Do you think they will get outlawed before he flies in from the bloc?" HaHaHa

Scosfield - we wouldn't be friends if he had. It is tough being friends with a dead guy/guy on the run from a hit man.

DivineEdge 01-16-13 12:17 AM

This is when I wish 40k was real, as I would sooo set a trygon on the author of this piece which I DID NOT WRITE:

Don't read this unless you have a large soft object to punch. :angry:
(This really pissed me off)

The primary-school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, approximately 45 miles from the Colt Arms Factory, is just another one in the long line of government psyops designed to persuade the public to allow the government to take away their guns, and their means to defend themselves against the government and the banksters that the politicians really serve.

The small children murders are designed to create hysterical emotions in women to get them to demand that guns are banned. If that doesn’t work they will continue with their evil agenda with worse and worse atrocities on younger children, until they get their way and disarm the people, so that they cannot fight back against government tyranny.

Newtown is the U.S.A.’s Dunblane, which was orchestrated in Scotland in 1996 by the British establishment, to whip up hysteria in order to ban all handguns from the U.K. It was a follow-up to the Hungerford Massacre in England in 1987, which was carried out by mind-controlled Michael Ryan, who then shot himself so he could not be questioned, and it was used to ban semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

It’s always the same people behind it – the gun-grabbers who want the people to be defenceless against the gun-grabbers’ employers – the banksters who own all of the politicians. They get their politicians to pass legislation for them, in order to remove the people’s freedoms and means of defending themselves, and enslave them in a draconian police-state, under a mountain of debt, and then exterminate the useless-eaters.

The Dunblane massacre was supposedly carried out by Thomas Hamilton, who was a paedophile and procurer of children, for a high level paedophile ring involving senior members of the Tony Blair Labour-Party shadow-cabinet and others. The massacre served two purposes, it achieved their desired handgun-ban and killed the abused children, so they could not be witnesses against the elite-paedophiles. They then had the findings of the inquiry sealed for 100 years, which is proof of the above.

Like Newtown there were two shooters, Hamilton and a hit-man who shot Hamilton and made it look like Hamilton committed suicide after shooting 16 children, so that he couldn’t be questioned. Hamilton was found in the school gymnasium slumped against a wall and still gurgling, when an off-duty policeman PC Grant McCutcheon entered the gym and saw two semi-automatic pistols, one on either side of Hamilton’s body.

The autopsy revealed that Hamilton was killed with a .38 revolver. These people always slip-up with their crimes. There was no .38 revolver for him to have shot himself with. Thus, there was a second shooter who killed Hamilton.

Similarly, the first reports from Newtown were of two shooters, just like mind-controlled James Holmes in the Denver Batman Cinema massacre, the story then quickly changes to just one.

Columbine was similar, in that a team of shooters in black outfits were seen there and the two accused were on mind-altering prescription-drugs.

Wake up and see the pattern and their modus operandi and don’t fall for it. Never let them take your guns, except from your cold dead hands.

All of these are staged events to whip-up hysterical public support for banning the people from having guns. It works the same in every country – Hungerford in England, Dunblane in Scotland, Port Arthur in Australia and the list in America is endless, because of the Second Amendment and the people having a pro-gun culture. That makes it much more difficult to break the Americans’ love of guns and the Second Amendment, which was put in place to protect the people from the government.

Gun bans work well for tyrants. They worked well for Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao, to name just three.

If you want to stop these massacres, wake-up and get rid of the banksters, their puppet-politicians and all gun-grabbers; arm teachers and ban gun-free zones.

From one who can see the pattern and hopes to enable you to see it too.

DeathKlokk 01-16-13 12:29 AM

There truly aren't enough ass-whoopings being metted out in our society.

These people are complete fucktards. I need to get a kick starter going for plane ticket money to kick the shit out of these "people".

Who's in?

DivineEdge 01-16-13 12:44 AM

I sense a beautiful fundraiser idea coming on...

Sock 'n Lock for Humanity

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