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lord marcus 01-02-13 07:19 PM

Eccentric miniatures
A gentleman by the name of Todd has started making miniatures, and opened Eccentric Miniatures to sell them. He has movement trays and a set of 12/13 century foot knights for sale currently.

He is apparently manufacturing the products in his garage, similar to proxie models.



The models are supposedly painted to represent what an average gamer or one just starting out could achieve. While they do not seem all that flattering on first glance, looking at the sprues shows a surprising amount of detail for the production process he is using.


In addition, eccentric has put out a new weapon sprue approx 18 days after releasing the knights kit. Seems pretty fast to me.


They also have a facebook page, although with limited info/pictures at this point.

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Viscount Vash 01-02-13 09:51 PM

The fact that he has decided to sell sprues individually is nice. Hope he does well.

humakt 01-16-13 11:12 AM

Nice sprue design. Components are a bit spaced out compared to what we are used too.

Good looking figures. Do we know if they compare scale wise to other manufactorers ranges (GW and mantic)?

imm0rtal reaper 01-17-13 02:41 PM

I'll be doing a review of this kit in the next couple of days (just painting one up at the moment so you can get an idea of how they paint) and I'll include some scale pictures with it!

imm0rtal reaper 01-22-13 05:15 PM

The review can be found here

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