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Tanrel 12-29-12 03:19 AM

2000pt Competitive Slaaneshi Army
I don't have my actual list with me right now, so I may have to make some corrections later, but this should be the list.

Daemon Prince - Wings, MoS, Power Armor, the Black Mace, gift of mutation

Chaos Lord - Jump Pack, two lightning claws, MoS, gift of mutation, sigil of corruption

Noise Marines x10 - Blastmaster, x9 sonic blasters

Noise Marines x10 - Blastmaster, x9 sonic blasters

Noise Marines x10 - Blastmaster, x9 sonic blasters

Helbrute - Extra Power Fist, Thunder Hammer, Power Scourge

Helbrute - Extra Power Fist, Thunder Hammer, Power Scourge

Fast Attack
Warp Talons x10 - MoS (all), x2 gift of mutation

Heavy Support


Total: 1991

Daemon Prince will swoop into CC range turn one to get into a turn two assault, using the fleet re-roll on the charge distance. Maulerfiends will do the same with their ignoring cover for movement. And if I go second, it's possible I could get some turn one assaults in. Noise Marines provide covering fire and hold objectives, aiming for groups of infantry first. Helbrutes just charge down the middle of the field as fast as possible. Crazed may cause some problems while trying to get into close combat with them. Warp Talons are ideal Marine killers, due to having power weapons with re-rolling failed wounds and striking at I5.
Maulerfiends will target buildings and vehicles to pop them open for my warp talons to do some clean up. Daemon Prince will target heavy elites with his black mace, he should clean house. Finally, the Helbrutes will hit Hordes and large groups to tie them up before finishing them off with either a combined assault or the warp talons will finish them off.

OgreChubbs 12-29-12 11:31 AM

I am pretty new to 40k but I am like 99% sure you can't take noise marines as troops unless you have lucius with you. Otherwise they count as elites.

Routine 12-29-12 11:40 AM

It can be Lucius, or any other Chaos Marine Lord with the mark of Slaanesh

Tanrel 12-29-12 01:10 PM

yup, look at the little box in the chaos lord's profile.

Mossy Toes 12-30-12 10:30 AM

Hmmm. I dunno if I'd call it competitive: 4 AV12 walkers aren't exactly a reliable battle line, especially at 2k points. The Lord doesn't add anything but a handful of lightning claw attacks to a unit brimming over with the same—give him a power fist and the BBoS or something. The Noise Marines and DP should be fun, though, as well as the spamming of GoM.

I can see it being a very enjoyable army to play; not it winning many tourneys as it currently stands, however.

To make it more competitive? Drop the Warp Talons and 4 walkers and add 3 squads of as-large-as-possible Biker squads with 2x melta, MoS and an IoE: T5 FNP, so essentially Plague Marines with t-l bolters and CCW+BP, Relentless, I5, Hammer of Wrath, 12"+ movement... Okay, a lot better than Plague Marines, not scoring, and only a few points more expensive per model. Swap the Lord's jump pack for a bike, obviously.

The problem here: bikes cost $15 each. I'd say get the new Hellstriders for WHF and swap the marauder torsos for CSM ones: instant cavalrybikes for about $6.50 each. It's how I'm making my own bikers, I know (Cold Ones for Khornate, Hellstriders for Slaaneshi, and Chaos Knights and VC Black Knights for Nurglish ones).

Tanrel 12-30-12 12:56 PM

Thanks for all the advice. I was trying to figure out what to do with my last batch of points I had left, and all I could really afford was the 2 hellbrutes. But then again, maybe you're right. I'll probably play this list for fun for a while until I get more of a feel for the new Chaos codex.
I thought of another list that would be pretty fun to play involving Typhus and 210 Cultists. I would love to bring that army onto the table just to see my opponents reaction to it.

ChaosRedCorsairLord 12-31-12 08:10 AM

And just so you know, a Noise Champion cannot technically take a sonic blaster. It frees up 9pts at least.

Tanrel 12-31-12 01:42 PM

It says any noise marine can swap out his bolter for a sonic blaster. I figure that includes the champion. It says the Noise Marine champion MAY take stuff from the other sections, not that he has to.

mynameisgrax 12-31-12 03:26 PM

The problems with the list is that the warp talons and daemon prince are faster than everything else, so they'll die quickly, and that there's too few vehicles at 2000 points. At that point level you either want at least 6-8 on the field, or zero.

You either need to rewrite the list to include rhinos for the noise marines (solving both the speed and vehicles problem), or cut out the warp talons and daemon prince and replace them with two more walkers.

In any case, you also really need at least one cheap unit of cultists, for objective grabbing.

Good luck!

Krunstal 12-31-12 04:42 PM

The list looks fun. How do you deal with flyers? You have a flying DP but that is the only thing I see that has a reliable chance of hitting a flyer. Best of luck in your battles.

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