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SICKfudge 12-26-12 01:54 PM

Help identify a model?
A while back I brought a load of models off the internet, while I know what most of them are I don't have a clue what this one is, does anybody recognize it?

Fallen 12-26-12 02:14 PM

its a space marine libby, beyond that i do not know. looks to be either a 3rd/4th ed model.

spanner94ezekiel 12-26-12 02:16 PM

Can you describe any of the iconography on it? I can't quite make out the shoulder pads from the pics, but otherwise I agree with Fallen.

Grins1878 12-26-12 02:57 PM

Aye, just a space marine Librarian by the look of it. :)

DeathKlokk 12-26-12 02:59 PM

2nd edition Space Marine Librarian.

EmbraCraig 12-26-12 03:18 PM

Is listed in the 97-98 catalogue, so 2nd edition would be right... listed as Epistolary 2 on this link:


EDIT: Actually, the 95-96 catalogue appears to be the first one with that page of librarians in it, so they were presumably released about there. Still 2nd edition though :)

SGMAlice 12-26-12 03:23 PM

Looks like a Librarian as Fallen has said. Seemingly from the Sword which has the trademark 'squiggly bits' on it. But i can find no reference to base that on; i have looked up several of the older variant Librarians and can find nothing.

Possibly an old Ezekiel. Or a minor variant of the Librarian such as a Codicier or Lexicanium.


Edit: Ah Well there you go, i was half right, it was a variant of the Librarian :P

SICKfudge 12-26-12 04:33 PM

Wow, you guys certainly know your stuff, thanks all

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