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SGMAlice 12-11-12 03:25 PM

PC Hardware Help Thread - Please Include Your System Specifications
Greetings Fellow Heretics,

There have been countless threads asking for Solutions and Advice to the myriad of different problems that we encounter with the Hardware and Software in our PCs and Laptops and we don't always have some one we can go to about it, so the aim of this thread is to provide a place where all of those requests can be made and Assistance gained.

Many of Heresy's members are proficient in such things and a few of us even do it for a living (Myself Included) so you are very likely to find all the help you need here, without having to trawl through other sites and even register with them, simply to ask a single question and never return to it after you have your Solution.

Important Notice: Please take the time to provide your System Specifications e.g. Processor/RAM/Graphics Card e.t.c in your request for Assistance. This will make our job easier and your Solution quicker.

If you are not sure how to find this information then follow these Instructions:

Microsoft Windows:

Click the 'Start' Button

Select 'Run'

type 'dxdiag' (no quotes) and press Enter

Mac OS

Click on the Blue Apple Icon in the top left corner of your screen.

Choose "About This Mac".

Then simply click on "More Info..."

Our Current Tech Helpers Are:


So without further ado.... Post up your Problems and we'll do all we can to help.


rtthg6 01-27-13 06:33 PM

i know its not pc hard ware but i hope you guys can help
i need help bypassing foxfilter for mozilla firefox on a windos 2000
yes i know its an old computer
any suggestions?

lokis222 01-27-13 06:51 PM

download chrome or opera. or stop looking at porn. it'll stunt ur growth. :P


rtthg6 01-28-13 05:02 AM

woot it works thank you
ive already stopped growing turning 17 in a month.

lokis222 01-28-13 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by rtthg6 (Post 1333857)
woot it works thank you
ive already stopped growing turning 17 in a month.

no worries then. have at 'er. :P

glad it worked.

Bane_of_Kings 02-02-13 12:40 PM

Hey, can anybody recommend me any free DVD Rippers (that aren't Winx or Handbrake, as they don't seem to work on my laptop for some reason), that allow the user to convert stuff from a DVD to Windows Movie Maker?

Thanks in advance!

System Specifications:

Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00GHz (2CPUs) ~2.0GHz
Bios: Phoenix BIOS 4.0 Release 6.1
Memory: 3066MB RAM
System Manafacturer: TOSHIBA
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium

lokis222 02-02-13 01:02 PM


this page has a top four and then, further down, more. they are freeware too.

Bane_of_Kings 02-02-13 01:21 PM

Thanks for the heads up - I'll have to check those out soon then :).

Djinn24 02-03-13 11:09 AM

This isn't a computer issue exactly but here is the situation. I am not at home so any specific questions about hardware if needed may have to wait.

In recent years I have been on com cast and time Warner Cable and have hooked my ddwrt flashed netgear N300 router up with no issues. I am not with bright house who uses roadrunner and when I plug the 'yellow' line in my ddwrt gives me an error. Thinking my router might just be going wonky I picked up a new netgear N600 router running stock and when I hooked up the yellow line it did work somewhat for a bit and then stopped and i can no longer get the Internet to broadcast from the router. Any ideas short of buying my own damn modem and shooting theirs? Never have I had this many issues setting up an router. My home tome is very short so I do not want to spend all day when I could be with my family but would like to get this fixed.

lokis222 02-03-13 01:34 PM

i will need a bunch more information to help you in any meaningful way.

few questions:

1. are the lights on the front of the modem flashing?

2. what is the error message you are getting?

3. what is a yellow line? all my modem cables are white. so, i need to know its purpose.


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